Master These Viral Beauty Hacks During The Lockdown

Written by Team BBNov 30, 2023
Master these viral beauty hacks during the lockdown

It's no secret that the internet is full of beauty and wellness hacks — from using soap as an eyebrow gel to using cinnamon oil as lip plumper — there’s no dearth of hacks out there. And discerning between what works and what does not can be tough, which is why we've got you covered. We tried five viral beauty hacks to make sure that they work, and they're so easy that you can simply do them at home during the lockdown without much effort!

So if you're bored in the house, in the house bored, try these Insta-famous beauty hacks during the lockdown, and thank us later!


01. Use eyeshadow as eyeliner

05. Use a Q-tip for winged eyeliner

This is the best way to get the most out of your eyeshadow palette. And all you need for this is a primer, water spray bottle, and some eyeshadow! Start by priming and setting your lids. Once you're done, reach out for your trusty eyeshadow palette — our fave is the Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette in Berry Martini. Spritz an eyeliner brush with the water, wipe off the excess, and dip it into the colour of your choice. Once the brush has picked up enough pigment, simply line your eyes with it like you would with any eyeliner. Easy-peasy!


02. Use soap as an eyebrow gel

05. Use a Q-tip for winged eyeliner

Fluffed up brows are all the rage right now, and this is the easiest way to achieve them. We bet you never thought about it, but using soap as a brow gel is a super viral hack RN — and it actually works! All you need is a clear bar of soap like the Pears Pure & Gentle Bathing Bar, a water spray bottle, and the Lakmé Absolute Micro Brow Perfector, which has both an eyebrow pencil and a spoolie. Start by shaping your brows using the pencil side of the brow perfector. Once you're happy, spritz the Pears soap with some water, and rub the spoolie on the soap. Brush your eyebrow hair with the spoolie, and voilà! Flawless, fluffy brows for days.


03. Slugging

05. Use a Q-tip for winged eyeliner

This might be the easiest one yet — it only requires some Vaseline Original Skin Protecting Jelly! Basically, slugging is the process of sealing your skin with a petroleum-based agent overnight to help with hydration. All you need to do is slather on Vaseline Jelly all over your face, leave it overnight, and you'll wake up with supple, soft skin in the morning. But keep in mind that this hack is specifically meant for those with dry skin — it may clog pores if you have oily or acne-prone skin.


04. Use cinnamon oil as a lip plumper

05. Use a Q-tip for winged eyeliner

Time to venture into your kitchen... because you're going to need half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a tablespoon of olive oil. If you're wondering why cinnamon, it's because the spice contains cassia oil. While it doesn't harm the skin topically, it irritates the mucus membrane when applied to the lips and increases blood circulation, meaning you're going to get a fab pout. Simply mix the two ingredients and apply them to your lips when you want to make your lips look plumper.


05. Use a Q-tip for winged eyeliner

05. Use a Q-tip for winged eyeliner

If you're a messy girl, this one's for you! All you need for this easy hack is the Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette, a Q-tip, and the Pond's Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose. After ensuring your lids are prepped, start by swiping on some eyeshadow on the lower half of your eyelid — don't be afraid to get messy here. Once you've got something that loosely resembles the shape of an eyeliner, dip the Q-tip in the micellar water, and carve out the perfect eyeliner shape, wiping out the excess. And that's it! On-point eyeliner in minutes.

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