Being blessed with a big forehead is no breeze and a tricky situation to navigate, especially when you want to balance your facial features. There’s an inexplicable reason behind why large foreheads are considered a facial feature that needs to be contoured and made smaller. Well, a small forehead do make your face look balanced and defined and being a member of the ‘Big Forehead Club’ isn’t an easy thing to do. Although at one point of time in history in England, having a large forehead was quite the fashion and considered to be a sign of aristocracy, especially since Elizabeth I of England had a prominent one and owned it like the Queen she was! Rihanna seems to have owned the big forehead look these days and you can’t really argue with this Queen either, can you? Didn't think so.

That being said, how to make forehead smaller remains to be one of the most asked beauty query and we are going to solve it for you today. You can get a seemingly small forehead with some useful beauty tips. Keep reading to know more. 

small forehead tips

Having a big forehead can bring along its own set of problems too. It becomes difficult to hide them in selfies (they do seem to take up a large part of your face) and those sunscreen tubes seem to get over much quicker. There are also certain restrictions as to the ways in which you can style your hair (ponytails and middle partitions become a big no-no). While not everyone can own their large foreheads with grace and confidence, life doesn’t have to be a bummer for those who cannot. In fact, there are a number of ways in which you can make your forehead appear smaller and all you need to know are a few simple tricks. So, all of you big forehead beauties, put on your Houdini Hat (we’ll surely get to the hats part later in the article as well) and get ready to know how to make forehead smaller with the art of makeup!  

Makeup magic: the art of drawing away attention

Concealing your large forehead is mostly about using makeup in different ways in order to make your forehead appear smaller. And it isn’t very different from the tricks that most magicians apply, which involves directing their attention to another part of the face. There are certain dos and don’ts in here that you need to pay attention to, though.


1. The foundation trick

The foundation trick

Avoid applying the foundation on your hairline. This way, your hairline will have a natural shadow and create the illusion of your forehead ending much lower than it actually does. Also, applying a relatively darker shade of foundation (about three to four times darker than your natural skin tone) along the hairline and the temples will give you a small forehead that appears more chiselled. Blend the foundation seamlessly to make it look contoured and follow it up with a bronzer.


2. Wearing it bright

Wearing it bright

Using a bright coloured blush can help divert attention from your large forehead. Apply a rose or peach coloured blush onto the apples of your cheeks and work them upwards for a slight lifted effect. Even using a bronzer (about two to three shades darker) to contour your cheeks will help make them appear more chiselled and draw attention away from your forehead. Similarly, playing up your lips in a brightly coloured shade will serve to act as a distraction. It will also add more volume to the lower half of your face, balancing things out for you, giving you an illusion of a small forehead.


3. Bold brows and dramatic eyes

Bold brows and dramatic eyes

Wondering how to make forehead smaller? Get your eyebrows to do the trick. Your eyebrows play an important role in the framing of your facial structure and drawing a high arch with thicker eyebrows will only help your forehead look smaller than it is. Just as you did with your lips and cheeks, doing up your eyes in a dramatic way will also help divert attention from your large forehead. Don’t hold back on that winged liner, ladies!


4. All the hairstyles you can do

All the hairstyles you can do

As we’ve mentioned before, pulling your hair back into a ponytail or parting it in the middle will only serve to make your forehead seem large and draw attention to it. However, there are also certain hairstyles that will help you conceal part of your forehead, thereby making it appear smaller.

You can bank on bangs and the bob

If you’re looking for a sneaky way to get small forehead, getting bangs is an excellent option. You can choose from a variety of hairstyles with bangs, although those that get longer gradually as we move towards the sides are probably your most versatile bet. This one doesn’t work very well with a broad facial shape or for those with a more prominent nose.

How to make small forehead

You could even go for an asymmetrical bob if you’re not a huge fan of bangs, especially one with a dramatic side partition. The partition tends to break attention from your forehead to your eyes while the longer front section will divert attention more towards your neckline.


5. Messy updo to the rescue

Messy updo to the rescue

Now, we know that we’ve suggested against an updo or a middle partition, but if you still wish to wear your hair up and parted down the middle, wear it loose and messy. Pulling out a few strands of hair from the top and framing them in front of your face will also work to make your forehead appear smaller. Do not slick up your hair though, and do not pull it back tightly (remember to loosen it up).


6. Crank up the volume

Crank up the volume

Flat straight hair tends to make your face even longer, thereby drawing attention to your forehead and making it appear larger. Layered hairstyles with a lot of volume and waves, however, tend to create a slight widening look and balance out your features by making your forehead look smaller. So blow dry your hair, curl it or use some of that product; the more the volume of your hair, the smaller your forehead will appear.


7. Accessorise all you like

Accessorise all you like

Getting that bling on will help divert attention away from your forehead and towards your accessories. Whether it is a shiny necklace or a pretty pair of earrings, put them on and dazzle your way through the crowd. A genius way to get smaller forehead would also be to make use of a bandana, wearing it in a way that covers part of your forehead. Choose your print or wear it plain, it’s all up to you.

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