Lakmé Absolute Illusion, a metallic finish makeup range inspired by the Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014 Grand Finale Designer, Rajesh Pratap Singh’s signature style 'duality.'
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Why we love it: The Lakme Illusions Range for both nails and eyes is perfectly timed for the summer. The overdose of candy pinks and bright oranges could definitely use a break, especially when there’s some serious metallics involved.
The eyeshadows and nail colours, both of which are limited edition are super rich in texture and easy to apply. The eyeshadow, available in a wet and dry format will glide on your lids and blend easily if you’re looking to create a look more dramatic than what the colour already offers.

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The dual tone nail colours in four different shades perfectly compliment the eyeshadow range. With a special colour lock technology that’ll ensure long wear without chipping.
And of course, we loved the fashion, chaos and drama that came with fashion week. So owning the Illusions Range, which was inspired by Grand Finale designer Rajesh Pratap Singh is like taking a piece, the best, most shimmering piece of Lakme Fashion Week back with you. We love!

Price: Lakmé Absolute Color Illusion Pearl Eyeshadows are available for ₹ 750 each Lakmé Absolute Illusion Color Nails are available at ₹ 200 each