We all know about the power of contouring — it can really switch up your look and give you that chiselled jawline and supermodel cheekbones without having to go under the knife. Now, it’s time to extend the same magic to your nails. The latest nail trend to have taken the beauty world by storm is (no points for guessing) nail contouring.

And guess what, like most trends that are suitable for those with long nails and acrylics, this one is perfect for girls with short nails — yay! This dope trend makes good use of negative space to give your nails the illusion of length — sounds great, right? Scroll down for a step-by-step guide to ace this genius trend.

nail contouring

How to:

Step 01: After cleaning, filing and buffing your nails, start with applying a clear base coat on your nails. This will help protect your nails and make your manicure last longer.

Step 02: Allow the base coat to dry and then apply a base of either a nude or light coloured nail polish.

Step 03: Once that is completely dry, take any dark coloured nail polish of your choice and apply it in such a way that it only covers the middle of your nail. This is your contour shade; therefore, ensure that you allow your nude nail polish to peek from the both sides.

Step 04: Finally, once the nail polish has completely dried off, finish off the manicure by applying a top coat to seal the manicure in place.

Main image courtesy: @tlifegr