I love makeup and I cannot lie!

While I keep swinging from a kajal-and-gloss to a blush-and-eyeshadow look every other day, I do end up bare-faced on some occasions too, especially when I’m home or running errands or working out. But that’s that! On most other days, you will not find me without makeup. I think makeup highlights my best features and also gives me that little confidence boost. So why would I give it up right? Well, to tell you the truth, my team put me up to this and frankly, I’m not entirely mad at them. 

When I agreed to go a week without makeup, the thought of leaving my favourite lipsticks, my go-to foundation and my trusted mascara all by themselves gave me a mini heart attack. Little did I know what going makeup-free would do to my confidence. So yes, it turned out to be an even bigger deal than I thought.

Nonetheless, I did go ahead with this week-long experiment because I was curious to see how my skin does without makeup.

going a week without makeup

Day 1 

The first day of the challenge was a major struggle. Leaving my home without a smidgen of makeup was hard AF. Add to that, the bumps on my face seemed oh-so-prominent. I guess they were always there, I just didn’t give them any attention. I just covered them with my magical foundation - the Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse 16Hr - Rose Fair and moved on! No makeup meant I had to hear things like, “What happened to your skin?” and “How did you suddenly break out?” from my co-workers, which put me in a slightly bad mood if you know what I mean. Of course, I eventually got over it and was ready to take on Day 2. Or so I thought.

Day 2

On Day 2, I still wasn’t used to stepping out bare-faced. I really started missing my vanity kit and was even tempted to give up on the challenge! I reached for my kajal, but quickly tossed it back. *putting my self-control skills to test* Almost carried a lipstick in my handbag (thinking it to be a cheat day), but left it behind. *Arrrghh* the frustration was getting REAL! But yay, I survived Day 2. *patting myself on the back as I write this*

going a week without makeup

Day 3

Now, it was the weekend, and weekends, for me, usually mean hanging out with friends, dressing up… and of course, wearing makeup! I almost cancelled my Sunday brunch plans because I was just not ready to step out without even a single swipe of eyeliner or a stroke of lipstick. I procrastinated, and procrastinated, and procrastinated. Until, I realized it was now or never! So, I picked the best outfit from my wardrobe, went ahead with my usual skincare, brushed my hair and before I knew it, I was out of the house. I breezed through the afternoon, and how!  

Day 4

Of course, going makeup-free has non-beauty related consequences too. The funniest of which was the fact that my colleagues thought I was going through a breakup. So, after seeing me bare-faced for three days, on Day 4, they actually came up to me being their considerate selves and tried to find out what went wrong. Can’t blame them really. Because even on days when I’ve gone without lipstick, I’d never ever left my house without kajal. My eyes feel naked and I look sick without my beauty weapon—my trusty kajal!

going a week without makeup

Day 5

After being makeup-free for four days, I also realised that I actually have combination skin, and not oily skin. I noticed that some parts of my face, such as the skin between my brows, my eyelids and the top of my nose are dry, whereas, the sides of my nose, forehead and chin are oily. Not the best discovery, but at least I know my skin type now!

Day 6

Up until now, my skincare routine was specific to my oily skin woes. But, ever since I discovered my skin type to be combination, I knew I had to tweak my skincare to suit my skin type. Therefore, on Day 6, I paid my dermatologist a long overdue visit, and am currently on a course of treatment that’s actually working. So yay!

Day 7

At the end of the week, I realised that, while a stroke of kajal and a dab of blush does make me feel beautiful, it’s not the only way to exude self-confidence. And to be honest, no amount of highlighter can mimic the glow that comes with that discovery. So, after almost losing my self-confidence at the beginning of this experiment, I’m glad I stayed on till the end.

P.S. I’m not going makeup-free again anytime soon. *brb adding more beauty products to my cart*