Do you want to sport cheekbones like Kim Kardashian? We're letting you in on a secret; while razor sharp cheekbones have little to do with your genes, you can achieve them with the help of a bronzer.

What is bronzer?

What is a bronzer, you ask? Bronzer is a pressed or loose makeup powder that is available in shades that are slightly darker than your skin tone. It is applied under your cheekbones, below your jawline and near the temples of your forehead in order to give the illusion of shadows, thus making your features seem sharper. For the celebrity sculpted look that you've always dreamed of, trust this product for more structure.
Bronzers also come in matte and shimmer finishes. Matte finish bronzers are for a more sculpted look in the night while shimmer finishes are light and sparkling for the day.

Making the right pick

We adore the new Lakmé Sun-kissed Bronzer for many reasons. The best part about this dual toned product is its two shades and how suitable it is for Indian skin tones. The shades can either be used separately or in a combination to achieve a natural sun-kissed effect. The Lakmé Sunkissed Bronzer is rich in Vitamin E, which nourishes your skin and protects your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. Its microfine velvet pearls will leave you with a natural radiant glow.

For sun-kissed skin

Using a bronzer will give you sun-kissed skin like never before, while highlighting your cheekbones in the best possible light. So next time you want to flaunt that perfectly contoured face, you know which bronzer to turn to.

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InStyle, Emily Loke