Consumers Of Cosmetics: What Kind Of A Makeup Shopper Are You?

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
Consumers of Cosmetics: What kind of a Makeup Shopper are you?

Shopping is an art as much as it is an obsession for many, and there are many different buyer personalities that one comes across too. Whether it is for bare necessities or luxuries, apparel or groceries, there is quite the motley crew out there when it comes to shopping. As the seasons change, the fashion changes accordingly (you’ll often see a large crowd swarming retail stores during such shifts) and the lines at the checkout counter start to grow longer.

Just like at the apparel stores, buyers of cosmetics throng the stores to replace or replenish their stocks as well. However, unlike most apparel buyers, the consumers of cosmetics don’t necessarily always wait for a shift in the seasons (cosmetics can often be more of an essential for the ladies!). Based on our observations, we’ve classified the makeup shoppers into the following categories. Find out which one are you!


The Loyalist

The Giveaway Goddess

You believe in the power and purity of branded products. Whether it’s Lakmé or TRESemmé, you’re a brand loyalist and prefer to stick to the tried and tested ones in your makeup kit. Once inside a retail store, you head straight for your preferred brand and spend your time going-over the latest makeup products put on display there.


The Hoarder

The Giveaway Goddess

You don’t really need a reason to shop for cosmetics (but then, who really does?). You’re already are a valued customer at just about every makeup store in the city and there’s probably a storehouse of makeup treasure back at your place but that won’t stop you from coming back with a bag full of cosmetics every time you visit the store. Shopping, for you, is the ultimate form of euphoria!


The ‘I Just Need to Buy That’ Cosmetics Fan

The Giveaway Goddess

You love cosmetics (perhaps more than anything else in this world) but you’re not necessarily a hoarder. You’re extremely well-informed as to the latest in the makeup market and carefully study the pros and cons of every cosmetic product before you buy it. However, if you come across a product that you really find to be worthy of being in your makeup kit, you wouldn’t even think twice before emptying your entire month’s salary just to get your hands on it.


The Giveaway Goddess

The Giveaway Goddess

You don’t mind spending hours scouring through social media just to find that giveaway for the makeup product you’ve been looking for. You follow the social media pages of every brand religiously and duly participate in each and every contest that they put up. You wait patiently like an expert predator, biding your time, before pouncing in the very moment that giveaway begins.

The Online Shopper

You probably hate the long queues at the checkout counter just as much as you love scrolling through the seemingly endless like of makeup products on your favourite online cosmetics store. You would even go through the hassle of enduring a rather difficult return policy just so that you can shop for your cosmetics from the comfort of your favourite couch. The amazing deals that you come across online is only the cherry on the cake!

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