A long, holiday weekend is the perfect excuse to take time out of your busy schedule to sort through all the makeup you seem to have collected since the beginning of time. Simply because your makeup tubes don’t come with expiration dates plastered on them, it doesn’t mean that the product has the lifespan of forever. Expired cosmetics can cause skin irritation and eye infections, making it extremely important that get rid of products that have already run the due course of their “usability.” As a general rule of thumb, the easiest way to know if your makeup has expired is to estimate a period of approximately 6 months since the time that you opened the jar. In addition to this, use common sense: if your lip gloss is thicker than usual, if your nail polish is separating, if your lipstick smells funny, if your mascara is congealed and your compact is crusty – chances are it is time to bid adieu to these products.
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Foundation: If you happen to be using a foundation with a pump dispenser, the product can last longer – sometimes even up to eight months. However, if you seem to be using the dabbing method, hygiene standards dictate that you should toss out your foundation in approximately six months.

Powder blush, bronzer and face powder: Powder based products like your blush and bronzer tend to last longer and can last you for about a year. With proper care and clean brushes, you can extend the life of this product to last you longer. If the product starts to develop cracks or begins to smell funny, you should trash it sooner.

Eye products: Experts suggest that you should replenish your liquid eyeliner and mascara every three months. Your eyes are one of the more sensitive areas of your face where an infection can set in fairly quickly. Hence, at least as far as your liquid eyeliner and mascara goes, three months should be your maximum threshold before you switch. Other products like your eye pencils can comfortably last you for one-two years if sharpened regularly and stored properly.

Essentially, for all your makeup products, if it smells or looks weird, toss it out. The best practice you can adopt is to ensure that your makeup is kept clean and your brushes washed at least every two weeks. Always keep a track of when you opened your products.