It is this summer that we fell in love with the Lakmé Sculpt range – products that provide definition to the face and help in creating a sharper look. While the sculpted look is best achieved through face contouring, many of us don’t know how magically this technique can change the face. Want to know how it transforms your visage? Read on as we tell you all about it.

favourite makeup technique contouring 600x400

Highlights cheek bones

Haven’t we all envied our supermodels for their high cheek bones? Well, if you want them too, it’s totally possible. Contouring enhances the bone structure of the face, especially the cheek bones making them look super sexy.  But remember that if you already have high cheek bones and try to contour your face, it may end up looking a tad too chiselled.

cobtouring makes features sharper 430x550

Makes features sharper

Besides working on your cheek bones, contouring helps the face look sharper. So while it enhances your best features, it also helps give definition to the ones that are flat. Contouring around the nose makes it look longer while it helps the eyes pop and look bigger. Basically, this technique gives you the amazing bone structure you always dreamt of.

contouring makes face slimmer 430x550

Slimmer face

Don’t like the shape of your face? Go for contouring! This technique when applied around the jawline helps in disguising double chins that we all are so afraid of. Moreover, if you happen to have a round face, this technique makes the face appear more oval, which is considered the ideal shape for a face.