Of’ course, having a boyfriend is great, but let’s be honest—nothing is as satisfying as a shopping spree at the makeup aisle!

Makeup never keeps you waiting, lifts your mood up instantly, always keeps you happy and adds to your confidence! Now, can you say the same about a boyfriend?! While you take a minute to answer that, allow us to tell you that nothing makes us feel better than our makeup.

Here are 4 bang-on reasons to convince you that owning makeup is better than having a boyfriend...

Makeup is better than BF

#1 Makeup will never cheat on you

Your makeup will never leave you for a girl who’s better than you. It will always stay loyal to you, come what may. Even if you accidently break your makeup, it will still work the same for you.

And your boyfriend? Let’s not even get started!

#2 Makeup gives you your space

There are days when you just want to go all bare, without applying any makeup.

Does your makeup get annoyed with you? No!

Leave your boyfriend alone for a week, and you’ll see what happens!

#3 Makeup will never judge you

If you feel like wearing outright glam makeup look just for running your errands, makeup will never judge you for this. You makeup allows you to do what you want!

A boyfriend, on the contrary, might just assume you’re a bit strange, and possibly judge you for being fake, artificial!

#4 Makeup isn’t possessive

Whether you want to mix and wear three different shades of lipsticks together or you wish to switch from creamy to matte, your makeup will never get jealous and always understand you.

In contrast, there are high chances that your boyfriend might navigate a fight if you go out for a movie with your guy friend!