Makeup lovers, we have the best news for you! A real-time virtual makeover app, the Lakmé Makeup Pro is here to change your life. So if you’ve been eyeing a certain shade of lipstick or want a new look on the whole, this app will tell you if it’ll work. All you have to do is hit the install button on your phone and you’ve opened yourself to a whole new world of beauty and makeup! Here’s why you’ve got to download it, girls!

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The lazy girl’s guide to makeup

Today, we’re all so dependent on technology when it comes to most things. But while makeup and beauty might be untouched, the Lakmé Makeup Pro app is about to change all that. If you’ve been yearning for a lipstick from the ‘Sculpt’ range but are too lazy to head all the way to the makeup store, worry no more. Download this app, see how that colour looks on your lips and order it online. Perfect for all ye lazy bums, innit?

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All for experimentation

While most of us have experimented way too much with makeup to land on our favourite shade of lipstick, gloss, eye pencil and so on, there’s no good in stagnation. A sudden change in eyeliner or a lip colour can be quite a refreshing change. Which is precisely why the Makeup Pro app is such a because it allows you to experiment with a multitude of different looks without actually having to go through the trouble of colour, cleanser, colour, cleanser at a store and yet give you as many as 50 product recommendations that’ll suit your skin! What’s not to love?

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Pro-stylist looks

Yes, this is, by far the biggest selling point of this app. Since this Makeup Pro all was actually crafted with the help of specialists, it offers you some signature Pro-stylist looks recommended by Lakmé Makeup Experts (such as Natasha Nischol) and trust us, you want to try them all! It has in store over 75 Pro stylist looks, one better than the other. From soft makeup to a fierce look, the Pro-stylist will help you try all of them.

The Makeup Pro App is now available for download on Android.
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