Work To Party In 15 Minutes

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 24, 2016
It’s a regular Wednesday evening and you’re ready to take the party home, until your boss invites you over for dinner and drinks with visiting international delegates. Suddenly, you’ve hit panic mode because neither do you live close to work, nor have you carried an extra blouse. It is times like these that we suggest you retreat to Zen mode and remember that while you might be too short on time for a complete makeover, you’re never too late for a quick hair-style transformation. And, if you’re anything like us—you’ll know the difference some simple hair-play can make. We show you how to take your long, flowing locks from work to party.
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Three words: The High Bun. Currently ruling the roost, the high bun is the easiest go-to updo. Part your hair into a T with the front of your hair divided into two parts. Tie the part at the back into a high ponytail. Take the front of your hair and further divide it into different sections about an inch and a half thick. Start twisting each section of your hair towards the back incorporating more and more hair into it you move backwards. Once you’re done twisting, put the strand around the high ponytail and pin it in place. Do the same with all the other sections of the front of your hair. Once you’re done pinning them up, divide your ponytail into two parts. Take one part, go anticlockwise and have it go around the ponytail. Do the same thing with the other part but in the anti-clockwise direction. Secure it with a pin.

Accessorise with a sequinned hair band.

And there you have it—with this powerful yet chic updo you’ll feel confident enough to socialise with the who’s-who of your work place with aplomb and style.

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