Let’s face it. No two girls feel the same about a particular makeup trend and no trend ever equally appeases all. While there are a few fail-proof and classic makeup techniques that always seem to work with most, makeup that is in line with who you really are and that best describes your personality is never a bad idea. Confused? We tell you how you can use makeup to dress up according to your personality.

makeup according to your personality daring diva 430x550

The Daring Diva
If confidence is your armour and you’re always daring yourself to push the boundaries to be a go-getter in every walk of life – you certainly are the daring diva who reckons no fear when it comes to experimenting with makeup! Go bold to make a loud statement with a matte pout in the brightest colour that you can lay your hands on. If opting for a shade of red, be every bit of your driven self, by teaming the lips with strong defined eyes for a powerful look instead of going the subtle way.

makeup according to your personality demure dame 430x550

The Demure Dame
A natural belle – feminine, innocent and carefree are adjectives that best describe you. To highlight these personality traits go the soft colours coupled with a dash of sparkle route when it comes to your makeup. Think Midsummer Night’s Dream and weave in the magical colours of pale pinks, peaches, mauves and lavenders to your makeup with a hint of gloss. To lend a dreamy touch to your otherwise dewy skin, we suggest a liberal use of shimmer and gold dust on your eyelids.

makeup according to your personality city slicker 430x550

The City Slicker
The city slicker is urbane, polished and fuss-free. If you think au natural is the way to be albeit with a twist, get out your bronzer and mix it with your everyday moisturiser to get the sleek and bronzed goddess look in a matter of minutes. Contouring and highlighting is key and you need to brush up your skills to master the chiseled face. While the rest of the world goes gaga over pinks and reds, go from boho to vampy with the right shade of brown lipstick.