Use Eyeshadow For A Captivating Look: Here’s How! 

Written by Anushka ShahSep 26, 2022
Use Eyeshadow for a Captivating Look: Here’s How! 

The bigger, the brighter, the better - while this was the eyeshadow mantra ever since beauty mavens embraced the eyelid shine and shimmer into their lives, 2022 brings along a sharp turn by spotlight the quirky and minimal eye makeup. And while that doesn’t mean, the bold eyedos have taken a back seat, it does mean there is space for lots of eye art! Infiltrating all our IG feeds, OTT shows to fashion weeks and more, this year brings to us too much to catch up on. So, divas prepare to update your makeup knowledge before you pick the brush for we’re here to tell you about how to use eyeshadow in the best and trendiest way possible. 

Use Eyeshadow for Captivating Looks - The Basics  

It’s no secret that great makeup can enhance your look, even when you’re feeling a bit meh. Imagine this, you’re heading for a traditional event and want to do away with the itch and trouble or dollying up in sequences and pins…so, you go in for something easy and breezy and inject the oomph-factor with your makeup! What’s better? I mean, you get both, beauty and comfort. And drumroll for the beauty bits of it…ladies, here is everything about how to use eyeshadow. 

Create These Captivating Looks Using Eyeshadows  

Look #1: Dramatic eyes  

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

Although you probably may try to bury this memory, we all really did spend about two years of our life wearing a mask. So, what better way to get ahead of the pandemic and the new mask culture than to go all out on your makeup with a dramatic statement eye? One that pedestals your features and breathes life into your peepers in the best way possible!  

Seek inspo from nothing but the newest - we’re talking about the introducer of trends and steaming hot style; fashion weeks. Giving the ramp to the world of graphic eyeliner wings, the shows were home to some eye makeup that exuded with drama. Creating literal art of the lids, with hefty strokes that feature unpredictable twirls and hues is something all the IG baddies have adopted. And if you’re wondering how to use dark eyeshadow:  all you have to do is: prepare your eyes, go in with some strokes of eye primer, concealer and gently blending it all together will prep your lids for the incoming #olala look. To get smooth, pigmented and smudge-proof strokes, we vouch for the Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye Shadow Duo's ‘Karat Gold’ on the inner corner of your eye (PS: applying a metallic or more vibrant hue to the inner corner of your eyes will automatically give it that more awakened viive.) To complement this shimmer with complementing charm use Lakmé’s ‘Blackstar Gold’ to smoke out the look. Do it with tact, create a line from the inner corner of your eye and drag it straight to the outside. If you have almond shaped eyes, blending the finishing tip will give that iconic Kendall Jenner look. Plus, if you want to experiment with colours, this Lakme range features perfect combos of matte and glitter shades. So, make the most of it! After all, who wants to miss a compliment? 

Look #2: Neon eyes   

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

If you want your eyes to do the talking, fall back on the wave of neon eye makeup! Yes, that’s right, you can now get fully pigmented fluorescent eyeshadow with the Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Pink Paradise. Pigmented to the T, this eyeshadow palette should be used with skill for it can easily lead to a clown-like look. Which is why, we’re here to tell you how to use eyeshadow. To save yourself and of course, bag all the compliments, prep your lids to avoid those nasty creases. Once done, apply a generous layer of good coverage concealer on the game ground so that every hue can stand out. Follow this by choosing a single bold colour or by playing around with several complementary hues for that smudged eye makeup look of neon colours. When choosing an array of shades, ensure your blending is A1, after all, no one enjoys patchy eyelids and the dreamy fade is what’ll catch every eye.  

Look #3: Metallic eyes  

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

We don’t know what was going on in the 2010s but we’re glad that the hate for metallic eyeshadows is now over. For 2022, it’s all about creating a mini disco right on your eyelids. Not ready to experiment fully? Well, the Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye Shadow Duo lets  you tone down the shiny and metallic champagne shade ‘Cashmere Love’ with a subtle matte ‘Diamond Black’ that still keeps things fun and highly pigmented. Giving your eyes that extra drama, you can stroke these shiny babies on your eyes as it is or you can give it a stroke on a line of OG black. Depending on your mood, these gorgeous liners can come to use. So, add them to your cart and waiting to reveal the fab you! 

Look #4: Pastel eyes   

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

If you thought that only certain colours dominated seasons, boy is 2022 going to prove you wrong. Spring may be over, but pastel colours are still a thing as they seem to suit every skin tone. Whether you want to play with pinks or oranges, the Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Coral Sunset is for you. To make the most of these gorgeous colours perfect for a soft brunch aesthetic or a night look, use these hues on a layer of well-applied concealer! Why? Because it gives the hues and even ground to display their true magic. To keep their delicate and pretty vibe intact, choose the colour that aligns with your #ootd. And ladies, that’s how you do modest!   

Look #5: Bejewelled eyes  

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

Chaneel all those Maddy vibes; the glitter, the rhinestones and dramatic wings with none other than with an eyeshadow set that’s enviosned for flesh out your Euphorian dream; the Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye Shadow Duo. And don’t hold back because it’s surely not as complicated as it looks  and anyway, we’re here to show you how to use eyeshadow. For starters set your base, with eye primer and concealor and once done, simply go all out with the studs and rocks. The magic is now in your hands.  

Look #6: Neutral eyes 

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

Bring on that workplace chic and add some shine to your professional demeanour by not going over the top with a bright lipstick but by sprinkling a little bit of pzazz on your eyelids. Create neutral eyes; an internet favourite with us. Prep your eyelids with moisturiser, concealer and then finally go in with the subdued hues. We’re talking about the unfailing beige family and a luxe touch of  the Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye Shadow Duo’s ‘Earthy Matte’ and ‘Shimmering Sunset.’  This lightweight and easy pick can effortlessly take up the drama factor. Plus it also dries quick so that sticky buisness is out the way.  

Look #7: Green eyes   

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

The fashionistas know it! Nothing does the, “who is she?” trick like the season’s out there colour, green or more specifically, Bottega green. Exuding both, that street style aura plus those business caj vibes, this hue extends its appeal to the eyelids as well. To go in with a colour like green you have to be careful because even a little mistake can make an evident appearance. After all, it’s a bright colour. So, if you're not comfortable with a variety of brushes, keep it easy and comfy and use the most reliant mode of application - your fingers. Once you’ve laid out the hue of your choice, just get a fluffy brush in hand to do the blending. And if you’re on the hunt for the most loved green-hued eyeshadow set, we’d vouch - the Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow collection. Add to its extraness with a dark and deep mascara so all the attention is always on your peepers. 

Look #8: Glitter eyes   

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

While glitter can be messy to wear as it falls everywhere, a glitter liquid eyeshadow puts you in control of your masterpiece. No wonder it’s trending as it also has a vibrant finish that highlights the glitter even more once it dries. Don’t believe us? The Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye Shadow Duo’s ‘Blackstar Gold’ and ‘Karat Gold’ give us the perfect contrasting look that makes your eyes look as dazzling as the stars themselves. It lasts a long time and doesn’t crease, letting you flaunt your look all night.  

Look #9: Two-toned eyes   

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

By now you should’ve figured - 2022 is synonymous with glamorous makeup styles that anyone and everyone can try! And to teach you how to use eyeshadow, you can fall back on us!  RN coolest of them all is  two-toning your eyes with the Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Colour Quartet Eye Shadow - Royal Peacock‘s blue on your lower lash line and the purple on your eyelid. With two-tone looks, you can also experiment with several other combinations. Apply blue on one eye and green on another; highlight a brown lid with purple in the inner corner, or get funky with green on the lid and blue on the brow bone - the possibilities are endless.  So, get artsy now!  

Look #10: Reverse cat-eyes   

how to use eyeshadow woman Reverse cat-eyes   

Want to keep it simple? Elevate your day eye makeup look by reversing the iconic cat-eye eyeliner wings. Instead of highlighting the eyelid, go along the lower lid.   

Using the Lakme Eyeconic Liquid Eyeliner which has a unique flex-tip brush for neat outlining, whether it’s creating that dramatic twirl or that clean lower lid line, it does it all. It is also waterproof and dries quickly so that you don’t have to worry about getting messy with it. Being my absolute party time favourite, this is a makeup look I swear by.  

FAQs about How to Use Eyeshadow for the most captivating look, ever!   

Discuss some commonly asked questions here, examples below  

Q1 What brush will I need to create the winged eyeliner look? 

You will need an angular brush to create the winged eyeliner look. It’ll have to have - short, firm bristles, tightly packed in an angle. This will effortlessly create that winged eyeshadow look. The angled, flat edge helps create defined lines and packs pigment close to the lash line. 

Q2 What’s the easiest to use liquid eyeshadow or powder? 

The easiest to use of all makeup eyeshadow products is powder eyeshadow. It is super blendable and highly pigmented. Classified into loose powder and pressed powder, such eyeshadows are the ideal pick, especially if you’re aiming at a look with multiple layers. 

Q3 Why is applying eye primer so important? 

Eye primer removes any discoloration and enhances the intensity of colours. It also smoothens the texture of your lids so that the products blend effortlessly. 

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