A kajal is nothing less than a magic wand. Just one stroke of black kohl can transform your entire look. You can pair it with your other eye makeup looks to elevate them or use kajal on its own for a statement-making look. To ensure you’re making the best use of your kajal, we’re sharing three amazing kajal hacks that every makeup lover should know about.


01. As an eyeshadow primer

As an eyeshadow primer

Trying to nail a smokey eye? Use your kajal as an eyeshadow base. It does all the things an eyeshadow primer does. It creates an even canvas for your eyeshadows and gives them a rich, pigmented look. It also prevents oils from breaking through and ruining your eyeshadow in the middle of the day. Our go-to is the Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal. This baby stays put for up to 24 hours without smudging or fading. Simply apply it all over your eyelids, blend a little and carry on with any shade you like for the eyes.


02. To make lashes look thicker

To make lashes look thicker

Mascara ain’t the only thing that makes your eyelashes thicker. Tightlining can make your lashes appear fuller from the roots. All you need to do is apply kajal on your top lash line and waterline. Make sure to get the kajal in the gaps between your lashes. This will make them look fuller and darker and give the illusion of voluminous lashes. This is the most natural way to fake grand lashes!


03. To touch up your roots

To touch up your roots

Yes, you read that right. If you’ve got an interview or date coming up and you can’t find the time to make a trip to the salon, use this hack instead. Scribble your kajal on the back of your hand. Next, take an eyebrow brush and pick the pigment and comb it across your greys on your roots. You can also apply kajal on your index finger and thumb and pinch your grey strand through your fingers to coat them black. Easy-peasy, right?

Main image courtesy: Deepika Padukone