By now, you are well aware that most of the makeup products in your vanity are multitaskers. You know how you can get your lipstick to do double duty as a blush and your mascara wand to double up as a brow tamer. But, we have a feeling that, like the most of us, you may have underestimated the power of your eyeshadow palette.

Besides helping you achieve a million eye makeup looks, your eye shadow palette can also multitask and be used for different beauty purposes. Here are three ways how you can make the most of your eyeshadow palette.


01. As a lipstick

01.	As a lipstick

Ran out of your favourite lipstick shade? Want to make your matte lipstick shimmery or metallic? Reach out for your eyeshadow palette. Mix some pigmented shadow of your choice with lip balm on the back of your hand and dab it on your lips to get a gorgeous, long-lasting colour. To make your matte lipstick shimmery or metallic, take a beige shade and top it off on your lip colour to get an instant sheen.


02. As a brow powder

02.	As a brow powder

The dark brown shade in your eyeshadow palette makes for the perfect brow powder. Take the matte brown shade in your eyebrow brush and use it to shade and fill in the sparse areas in your brows. It enhances your brows and makes them look fuller and darker. You can also mix it with some Vaseline to use it as a brow pomade.


03. As a highlighter

03.	As a highlighter

A shimmery eyeshadow is basically highlighter in disguise. So substitute your shimmer-laden eyeshadow for a highlighter to get an effortless glow. Simply take an eyeshadow colour one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and pack it on the highest points of your face. Alternatively, you can also mix the shade with your foundation for the lit-from-within glow.