Warm Toned Eyeshadow Palette In 2022: 3 Of The Best

Written by Anushka ShahNov 07, 2022
Warm Toned Eyeshadow Palette in 2022: 3 of the Best

Give your eyes that pop of drama as we tell you which eyeshadow palette is the best and how to use it!

The beauty girls know the makeup tea; you can never have enough lipsticks (although mixing is a concept) or enough eyeshadows! Following the words, more the merrier, we all love seeing stacks of lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes- oddly satisfying? However, to help you save the coin and effort to achieve that perfect blend or classic smokey look, we suggest investing in all palettes that work for you. We mean, the right complementary hues, the right amount of pigment and of course, easy to carry. Who wants to leave their necessary makeup pals behind while catching a flight - no one! So, to help you find a palette that ticks all the boxes and can help you get your stunning face on in just a few #glamazon strokes - we’re here to tell you all about which eyeshadow palette is the best! After all, if you’re here, you deserve to know.  

3 Best Warm Tone Eyeshadow Palettes in 2022  

Decorate your peepers with the best in the business!  

Best Eyeshadow Palette #1:  Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette French Rose 

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Awaken all your inner Bridgenton vibes, with Lakmé’s Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette French Rose; that all about that chic soft girl aesthetic. Allowing you to create those dreamy sunset eyes or that evergreen Lana Del Rey look. This palette is home to 12 stunning eyeshadows that are a mix of intense matte and beautiful shimmer. So, if you were wondering: which eyeshadow palette is the best, this angelic one is first on our radar. So go add this to your cart and prepare for all those season’s compliments!  

How to Apply this Palette  

For that oh-la-la look, we suggest two routes; either the blending way or the overall glazed drama. The latter is also about using a single coat of light shimmer all over your lids, after all that little sparkle goes a long way. And the first is a bit more dramatic, mix two colours; a glittery one  and a matte hue. Ensure to put the shine towards the inner corner and the matte one flowing out of it. This will create that mesmerising effect, that’ll ask one and all; where did you get it done? And that secret is yours to share.  

Best Eyeshadow Palette #2:  Lakmé 9to5 Eye Colour Quartet Eye Shadow - Smokey Glam 

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Hey there, miss feisty and fierce! Amp up your look with that smokey eye only with this unmatched palette; the Lakmé 9to5 Eye Colour Quartet Eye Shadow - Smokey Glam. Our perpetual answer to which eyeshadow palette is the best! The high-intensity hues with shimmer particles will make you look like a million bucks instantly. Swipe a few coats on your eyelids and watch as the glam quotient touches the roof. Cut to the chase and unleash your smokin’ look already! 

How to Apply this Palette  

Well, the smoke is never a joke and blending is key! While creating a smokey eye, you need to be careful with colours for they are dark and daring, yes - those are the words. Use the shades, with the lighter ones towards the inner corner and the darker ones towards the outside, and make ‘em look like they are all bleeding from another. This perfect fade requires skillful blending; this doesn’t only mean moving the brush in one direction but in all. Inculcating this technique will ensure you take your makeup game from amaetur to pro in just seconds!   

Best Eyeshadow Palette #3 Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Midnight Magic 

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If you’re muddled with inquiry; which eyeshadow palette is the best? This is one of our absolute favs; the Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Midnight Magic palette! Hosting a fun range of 12 matte and shimmer shades, this palette is all you need to experiment with different eye makeup looks. You can go in for that bold focaccia eye or those dreamy silver strokes; the real deal and silver living - this versatile palette can make all your beauty dreams come true.  

How to Apply this Palette  

All we can say is be playful and have fun because that’s what colours are for! Go in with the Gen Z-loved, colour-blocking eyes; an amalgamation of pink and and green, topped with graphic/funky eyeliner or enjoy the subtleness of elegance; shimmer, light shades and a gentle stroke of kohl. Whatever you choose to do with this palette that supports it all - first and foremost, keep the right blending stay and fun at the top of your t0-do! 

FAQs about Best Warm Toned Eyeshadow Palettes in 2022  

which eyeshadow palette is best faq

Q1 How do I make my eyeshadow last? 

Well, just like you need a face primer to make your foundation stay on longer, you also need eyelid primer; yes, that’s a thing! Preparing the lids with an A1 primer (suitable for eyes) will create a smooth texture that will allow your eyeshadow to glide on like a dream and also make it stay on through your eventful schedule.  

Q2 What are the most important dos and don’ts of eyeshadow application? 

Firstly, do blend the darker shade of eyeshadow only till the crease line. Exceeding this boundary will create a messy shadow and hence, an unappleing finish. And with regards to the don'ts; don’t blend the darker shade above the crease and on your lower lash lines. This will ensure you benefit from a clean finish and professional-looking eye makeup!  

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