4 Mascara Tips For Next-Level Lashes

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
4 mascara tips for next-level lashes

Mascaras are one of the most underrated makeup products. If you wear it only on special occasions, you should know that it is one product that can be worn every day to look more awake and dressed up. In fact, a lot of models and actresses swear by it and never step out without applying two coats of mascara even when they are wearing no makeup.

But applying mascara correctly is important; otherwise, it will defeat the whole purpose of wearing it. Nothing complicated, just a few simple tips that will make your lashes look voluminous in an instant.


01. Remove excess product

Layer, but carefully

Pulling out the mascara wand and applying it directly onto your lashes is a big no-no. Always remove the excess product to avoid clumpiness. The mascara formula and wand play a huge role in helping you achieve next-level lashes. Our top pick is the Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara - Black. It comes with a smart curling brush that’s easy to use and adds heaps of volume to your lashes for that dramatic look. This lightweight formula does not feel heavy and will make your peepers look brighter.


02. Choose the right angle

Layer, but carefully

Hold the wand at the perfect angle to ensure each lash is evenly coated by the mascara. Apply the mascara with your wand facing upwards. This will cover even the smallest lashes and give it a lifted look.


03. Wiggle at the roots

Layer, but carefully

If you watch makeup tutorials, you would probably know this application technique. Don’t be scared of placing your mascara wand close to your eyes. Just hold it at the base and wiggle upwards. This helps distribute the product evenly and makes your lashes look longer too. You can also skip eyeliner because your lashes will look thicker at the base.


04. Layer, but carefully

Layer, but carefully

One coat of mascara is never enough to get the desired look; however, you need to be careful while layering as you may end up making it look clumpy. For a voluminous and dramatic look, we recommend three coats of mascara. You can even mix different types of mascara formulas to get it right.

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