4 Tips To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
4 Tips to get the perfect eyebrows

We all want perfect looking brows at all times, because we know how it changes the entire look of our face. Maintaining your brows in between appointments is something not all of us are good at. But with a few tips and tricks we can surely up our eyebrow game and make them look great always.

Here are some tips that you will give you gorgeous brows:


Maintain your natural shape

Use castor oil

Identify the natural shape of your brows and stick to it. Aiming for something very different will leave you with a very thin line or a bushy eyebrow. Know what shape works best for your face and try not to experiment.


Get them done by a professional

Use castor oil

Some of us have faster hair growth than others but no matter how tempting it sounds to get your hands on a tweezer and do it yourself, avoid it. The professionals know their job and also what works for you so avoid DIYs when it comes to brows.


Moisturise your brows

Use castor oil

Just like the rest of your face your brows and the area underneath need nourishment too. While applying moisturiser don’t ignore this area. Take some moisturiser on your fingertips and press gently over your brows so that it reaches your skin.


Use castor oil

Use castor oil

Did you know using castor oil stimulates hair growth? This anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria and promotes hair growth. You can apply a few drops and lightly massage before going to bed every night. So if you have sparse eyebrows you know what to do!

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