It’s the year 2020 and one of the hottest beauty trends this season is artistic and graphic eyeliner. From batwing to floating liner, a number of eyeliner styles debuted this year and that’s probably why the search for ‘how to apply eyeliner’ is soaring high on the internet (and our DMs) right now.

How to apply eyeliner remains to be the most asked beauty query out there. Is it really so tough to get it right? Well, the answer probably is yes, especially if you are a beauty beginner. This gorgeous makeup look sure needs patience, practice and skills to get it right and on-fleek. But don’t worry as you can definitely be a pro at mastering the perfect eyeliner look and get it right each damn time.

Let us show you exactly how to apply eyeliner perfectly and easily, even at your first try. We have rounded up not one, but five easy ways to draw that fine stroke of liner on your lid. You can use your pencil, liquid, gel or pen eyeliners and try out any of these five ways to apply eyeliner like a pro. So grab your eyeliner and take a look at five different ways to work the stunning eyeliner look in one go.   


1. Dot it down

Dot it down

For girls who aren’t good with drawing straight lines, pulling off a precise eyeliner look can be quite a task. But, with this simple AF trick, getting the perfect eyeliner can be as easy as the ‘connect the dots’ game. Moisturize your lids and apply some primer for smooth and long-lasting eye makeup. Next take your eyeliner, preferably pencil or pen one, and mark three to four small dots along your upper lash line.

If you wish to sport a winged liner, extend the dots to the outer corner of your eyes. Once you’ve drawn the dots (and are happy with your dummy liner), simply go on connecting them to create an outline across the lid. Top it off with a liquid liner to darken it and finish the look.  


2. Start from the outer edge

Start from the outer edge

Wobbly and uneven eyeliner is a complete no-no. The number one lesson of the crash course on how to apply eyeliner is to learn how to get the straight and crisp line. And, how you do it? Let us tell you. Begin drawing your liner from the outer corner of your eyes and work your way to the inner corners. Place your fingers on your temples and pull it gently to make the skin around your eyes firm. It will make it easier for you to draw a fine and stable liner. Close your eyes and start by making a tiny wing. Next join the wing along the lash line of your upper lid all the way to the inner corner of your eyes. Keep your hands steady and work in small strokes to get it right.


3. Draw and fill

Draw and fill

You go on thickening your liner and before you know it you look like a panda. Has this ever happened to you? If this scenario seems a little too familiar to you, here’s an easier and sure-shot way to apply an even and perfectly thin liner on your lids. Take your liquid liner or pen liner and mark the point on the centre of your lid till where you want your liner to go. Next, draw eyeliner joining that point to the edges of your lid. Now all you have to do is fill up the gap and there, you’ve got the perfect liner look in easy steps. So, if you have a good handle on marking straight lines but mess it up because you don’t know how much thicker you should go with your liner, try this trick next time.   


4. Trace the lash line

Trace the lash line

If you basically like to line your lids and leave it with that, you know sans the winged drama, but still manage to mess it up, get a pencil liner to make this job insanely easy for you. Sometimes, the product you use makes all the difference rather than the technique. So if you are working with a liquid liner and wonder how to apply eyeliner so that doesn’t require reworking, drop it and grab a pencil liner. Hold the liner and close your eye. Trace the lash line and darken it with applying your liner in in small strokes. It is the simplest way to get a natural look and a smooth line along your lash line. Finish the look by filling in the corner of your eyes and smoothening out the line wherever it seems uneven.  


5. Use a sneaky tool

Use a sneaky tool

If you love a cat eye look but don’t know how to apply eyeliner with a wing we have got you just the solution. There are a number of eyeliner hacks that you can try to get that fail-proof liner at one try. You can use tweezers, bobby pin or scotch tape to achieve the perfect eyeliner look effortlessly. Simply apply liner on the open ends of bobby pin or tweezers and place it on the outer edges of your eye to trace the wing. Fill in and join it along the lash line. Or, place a piece of scotch tape on the outer corner of your eyes. Make sure it is slant and is joining your lower lash line. Draw the wing using it as a stencil and work it towards the inner corners, lining your lids like a pro.


FAQ of How to apply eyeliner:


Q. What eyeliner is easiest to apply?

A. For a beginner, pen eyeliner is always easier to work than a gel or liquid liner. Working a gel or liquid liner needs skills and precision which you get only after practice. To achieve the perfect stroke the first time, use pen eyeliner.   

Q. Which is better, gel or liquid eyeliner?

A. Gel eyeliner is better when you want an intense eye makeup like a smokey eye or smudged liner look, whereas if you want a thick wing or a sharp cat eye look, go for a liquid or pen liner.

Q. How do you take off eyeliner?

A. To get your eye makeup off, first pour some makeup remover like micellar water on a cotton pad and gently glide it on your eyes to get it off. Alternatively, you can rub facial oil on your eyes to break down the makeup and wipe it clean with cotton pad.

Q. How do I keep my eyeliner from smudging?

A. Prep your lids with a primer to make your eye makeup stay longer and keep your eyeliner intact. Use a waterproof and smudge-proof liner and top it off with setting spray when you are done.

Q. How to apply eyeliner correctly for the first time?

A. Use a kajal pencil or pen eyeliner and make a dummy outline with a light hand. You can wipe it if it goes wrong. Once you are happy with your mock liner, darken it and finish it with a gel or liquid liner.

Image courtesy: Instagram