We all know that applying eyeliner is no piece of cake.
Think smudged corners an uneven liner! The struggle is real! Listed below are 5 common eyeliner mistakes you’re guilty of making. Avoid these, and you’ll be a pro!

#1 Using an expired product!

Using an expired product!

Never ever use an expired makeup product. When it comes to your eyes, you can’t be careful enough. Your eyes are super sensitive, and using expired products can cause bacterial infections. Change your eyeliner in every 3-4 months, irrespective of how many times you’ve used it.


#2 Tugging or pulling your eyes during application

Tugging or pulling your eyes during application

If you’re in the habit of pulling or tugging your eyes while applying your eyeliner, stop right there. This habit can cause fine lines and accelerate the ageing process. Try mastering the art of applying liner without tugging the sensitive are around the eyes.


#3 Not tightlining your eyes!

Not tightlining your eyes!

Leaving white spaces between your eyeliner and lashes is a total no-no. Whether you wear a kajal or not, always tightline your upper eyelid when wearing a black eyeliner. It’ll make a world of a difference, try it!


#4 Using a liquid liner on your lower lash line!

Using a liquid liner on your lower lash line!

Wearing a liquid liner on your lower lash line is a bad idea! Eyeliner is meant for your eyelids. Wearing it on the lower lash line will simply cause smudging. Instead, opt for an eye pencil to define the lower lash line.


#5 Applying your eyeliner in one stroke!

Lakmé Absolute Eye Definer

Until and unless you’ve mastered the art of applying eyeliner, avoid wearing your liner in just one stroke. Your luck might work a couple of times, but mostly there’s a chance of smudging. A better approach for application is to make small dashes and connect them at the end. Trust us, the precision will be on point!