Mascara Mistakes To Avoid If You Don’t Want To Deal With Clumpy Lashes

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Mascara mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to deal with clumpy lashes

Clumpy lashes have the power to bring your eye makeup game down drastically. Don’t you hate it when you spend an hour doing your eye makeup only to ruin it with brush strokes that leave your lashes looking clumpy? Stepping out without your most-beloved mascara is just not an option. And clearing the mess without ruining the rest of your makeup is simply not possible. Stuck between two impossibles!

Here are a few mascara mistakes you’re probably making that is leaving you with clumpy lashes… Read on!


Using an old mascara tube

Adding coats one after the other

Mascara is the one beauty product that needs to be changed every 10-14 weeks. Using old or expired mascara will not just cause clumpy lashes but also make your lashes weak, thereby leading to breakage. Every time you pull the mascara wand out of the tube, air gets into the tube, drying out your product and allowing bacteria to enter the tube. The drier your mascara, the harder it is for the formula to spread out over lashes easily.


The mascara formula is difficult to work with

Adding coats one after the other

Neither choose a wet texture nor go for a dry, matte or sticky formula. While finding that perfect medium-consistency may involve a lot of trial and error, it’s important to find your go-to product so as to avoid clumpy lashes every time you reach for your mascara.


Avoid using a big, fluffy brush

Adding coats one after the other

A big, fluffy brush will pick more product than required because such brushes are designed to add more volume to the lashes. Therefore, using a mascara brush with big, soft bristles is not a great idea. More product on your lashes can easily lead to clumps, thereby ruining your entire look. Choose a streamlined mascara wand with synthetic bristles instead.


Too much product on the wand

Adding coats one after the other

If your mascara wand is full, it’s easy for clumps to form. Always brush the excess on a tissue lightly before application or scrape the brush along the side of the tube. Doing so will prevent any clumps on your lashes. Also, we suggest you use the same brush to do your other eye instead of dipping the wand yet again in the tube.


Adding coats one after the other

Adding coats one after the other

While double coats of mascara can give you big, bold lashes, it’s important to layer the product correctly. Rushing into the second layer is a strict no-no! Fresh mascara ideally has a slippery texture that can clump your lashes if you don’t give it time to breathe. Therefore, we suggest you wait for a minute before going in with a second coat so that the mascara can harden a bit into a texture that’s easier to work with.

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