5 Multi-Winged Eyeliner Looks To Try Right Away

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 multi-winged eyeliner looks to try right away

A winged eyeliner always has been and will remain a trendy makeup look. But, is it versatile enough to be worn in several ways? We say yes! Even though you are only looking at creating a winged shape with your liner, variety can be added by playing with the length, curve, flick, width and even colour or the wing.

For instance, the multi-winged eyeliner trend aims at filling your lids with not one, but multiple statement wingtips. Sounds fun, no? Here are five looks to get you started.


01. Stacked wings

05. Colour-fill multiple wings

Image courtesy: @anomilia

The stacked wing eyeliner look aims to draw multiple winged lines on top of each other, almost covering your eyelids entirely. You may or may not add other elements to fill in the blank spaces. Make sure to stare directly into the mirror to get these wings even on both sides!


02. Multiple tips with colour

05. Colour-fill multiple wings

Image courtesy: @badgirlekta

This eye look is the stuff OTT makeup dreams are made of. Outline your wings with black eyeliner and fill in with a vibrant colour of your choice. To switch things up a notch, use the same vibrant colour on your waterline for that extra zing.


03. Gold on bold

05. Colour-fill multiple wings

Image courtesy: @thecinemscoper

If your bold, sharp winged liner feels a bit too overwhelming, soften it up with a second, more angular wing on top. We love the contrast that the gold creates with the pigmented black liner — it adds a whole another depth to the eyes. Metallic shades like the Lakme Insta Eye Liner in glitter gold and cobalt blue can also be used — they look fabulous with Indian skin tones.


04. Neon racer

05. Colour-fill multiple wings

Image courtesy: @briajohnny

This eye makeup look feels like it should belong on a racer bike, and we think that’s super edgy. Use the Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection which comes in 8 fun shades to create this stunning look.


05. Colour-fill multiple wings

05. Colour-fill multiple wings

Image courtesy: @glamtrashmakeup

If you ever wished to use all of your vibrant, colourful eyeliners in one look but could not find a style to try — go for this multi-winged look. Combining the rainbow trend with neatly drawn wings — one on top of the other — this OTT eye makeup look is all that a makeup maverick might ever need!

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