5 Times Celebrities Gave Their Winged Liner A Cooler Update

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 times celebrities gave their winged liner a cooler update

Nothing beats a winged liner when you want a simple, yet stunning eye makeup look. And hey, we’ve spent years perfecting that flick, so we are not ditching it—not yet at least.

However, there are days when you want to switch up your eye makeup for a fresher and more experimental look. Thanks to the celebrities of B-town, we found a way to do that without completely dumping the good ol’ wing.

There are a dozen more ways to wear your winged liner. Curve it up, make it straight or simply turn it into a bolt of lightning—trust us, the sky's the limit for you. We’ve rounded up some celebrity looks to convince you to try a trendier take on the classic winged liner.

Here are five cool and not-so-basic winged liner looks, courtesy Bollywood celebrities.


Lightning bolt


What seems like an innocent wing on Diana Penty at first glance turns striking and stunning on closer look. It’s the tiny lightning bolt in place of a flick that looks super cool. Sidebar: It’s also a sneaky way to cover up your wobbly liner.




Just when you thought Sonam’s eye makeup couldn’t get any bolder, she dropped this batwing liner and proved us wrong. An edgy look like this is perfect when all you want to do is... well, kill them with your looks.




Kangana’s curvy wing is the most minimalistic way of tweaking your winged liner EVER. A thick liner with curved up wings is perfect for days when you are feeling cute AF. Plus, it’s crazy easy as you don’t have to fret about the angle, precision and what not.




We are suckers for negative space, be it nail art or eye makeup. When Bhumi Pednekar debuted the hollow winged liner look, it was clear she shares our sentiments too. Trace your wing along the crease and keep it quirky (and glamorous) by not filling it in. Simple, isn’t it?




This extended straight wing liner is a head-turner in itself, TBH. Take cues from Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra, who’s the last one to play it safe when it comes to makeup, on how to add some drama to your understated look with a straight-ass winged liner. 

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