A mascara hack to keep your lashes from drooping all day

Written by Anjali AgarwalOct 30, 2019

If you are a beauty buff just like us, you’re probably perpetually on the lookout for nifty beauty hacks to up your beauty game in seconds. Be it a picture-perfect pout or gravity-defying lashes, these hacks can help you ace the trickiest of makeup looks.

Talking about tricky makeup, keeping your lashes from drooping and becoming stick-straight again is one of the hardest things ever. Well, we finally have a solution to make your eyelash hold the curl. And, for this, all you need is your mascara and your eyelash curler. Here is the mascara hack that will keep your lashes curled and beautiful all day long.

The Hack

Apply mascara WHILE curling your lashes

You usually apply mascara after you curl your lashes, right? Well, a new beauty hack has been doing the rounds, which includes running your mascara wand while your lashes are clamped in your eyelash curler. To make the eyelash curl last longer and better, here is what you can do.

When you curl your lashes, hold the curler and apply mascara on the clamped lashes. This will not only give your lashes a base for the curl, but also keep them from drooping all day. Unclamp and apply again for curlier, longer lashes. And voila! You might want to clear the mascara splotches from your lash curler after that to keep it clean. 

Image courtesy: Instagram and Pinterest