When it comes to makeup hacks, you can do so much with them in order to level up your glam game. One of the most versatile makeup products that you can hack many different ways is the mascara - this little baby can be tricked into giving you the eye makeup look of your dreams. From application techniques to playing with the consistency, here are 5 mascara hacks you should take a note of to make your eyes pop..


01. Powder your lashes for volume

Powder your lashes for volume

There are more uses for a translucent powder than you can imagine! For a volumising mascara application, a translucent powder can help add some weight and body to your lashes. Start by applying a single coat of mascara and let it dry. Use a fluffy brush to dust some translucent powder on your lashes and finish with a since coat on top. Use a gentle and safe formula like the Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale Finishing Powder to avoid irritating your eyes.


02. Avoid the ‘Clumpiana’ look with oil

Avoid the ‘Clumpiana’ look with oil

No matter how careful you are, daily use of mascara can make the product in the tube clumpy because of air exposure. If your mascara is going on too clumpy, use some oil to make it smoother. Make sure to use organic coconut, almond or castor oil to avoid irritation. You can also mix a couple of drops of lash-growth oil, baby oil, or a facial oil like the Dermalogica Phyto Replenishing Oil to get the job done. Start small and keep checking the consistency to avoid making your mascara too oily.


03. Layer your coloured mascaras

Layer your coloured mascaras

Coloured mascaras are a tricky bunch; since not everybody has the same base colours of lashes, how your chosen colour will show up on your lash is a gamble. You can, however, control the intensity of the colour by layering different colours. For a deeper pigment, start with a black mascara and layer a rich pigment like the Lakmé Eyeconic Blue Mascara on top. You can tone down the same colour by using a white base first, there is so much you can do with layering.


04. The TikTok luscious lash hack

The TikTok luscious lash hack

TikTok has given us more makeup hacks than beauty gurus ever could! A particularly popular hack doing the rounds right now has to do with the technique of mascara application. In order to get super luscious and long lashes, start by dabbing on a lot of products with your wand on the lashes. Then, swipe your wand vertically to coat thick sections of lashes with the product. Lastly, use the usual horizontal action to even out the product.


05. Maintain the cute curl you created

05. Maintain the cute curl you created

It is necessary to use your eyelash curler before the mascara in order to avoid pulling on them too much. And if you are curling your lashes, you need to maintain them with the mascara application as well. Use a lightweight formula like the Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara to maintain the cute curl you just created for long hours.

Main image courtesy: @sirenesutton