Most eye makeup trends come with a timestamp on them — they stay for the season and slowly fade away. But some manage to hold their ground — their versatility, popularity and statement-making impact never being enough for beauty enthusiasts. Which is why you might see a trend like disco-ball lids only popular during the party season and a winged eyeliner remains a favourite all year long. The cloud eye makeup trend is another distinctive eye makeup look that has managed to stay popular for a long time. First bursting onto the scene in 2018, the trend is enjoying a second wave of popularity now!

We are big fans of the cloud eye look as well. It is quirky, but pretty and tests your makeup skills the right way — like teaching you the importance of priming your eyelids before going in with a shadow or liner! Whether you have tried the look before or are a newbie, here are some trendy versions that are hot RN.

cloud eyeshadow trend

Image courtesy: @luciphyrr

01. Halo clouds

A single, continuous cloud that forms a halo around your eyes is one of the easiest ways to pull off the trend. With a hand-drawn outline, you can use a simple white eyeshadow to fill the cloud on the top and bottom lid.

cloud eyeshadow trend

Image courtesy: @oatmilkmakeup

02. Floating crease

A floating crease is yet another trendy beauty look that everyone is obsessed with right now. Using two pigmented liner pencils, you can recreate this eye makeup look in just under 3 minutes! Wanna bet?

cloud eyeshadow trend

Image courtesy: @ishanimitraa

03. A patchwork dream

The patchwork cloud eye shadow look is done with a pigmented base applied on primed lids and cloud shapes drawn using white eye pencil. Don’t get us wrong, you will make mistakes when starting out, but there’s nothing a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover can’t fix.

cloud eyeshadow trend

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04.Negative space shadow

The negative space could eye makeup look is easier than patchwork but still requires a steady hand. With a prepped base in place, use a round-edged blending brush to pat some liquid white liner in the shape of a big, beautiful cloud.

cloud eyeshadow trend

Image courtesy: @makeupbygeri

05.Colour explosion

It isn’t just white, clear clouds that remain your only options. Go one step ahead and use pastel colours to draw the clouds for a look that screams BOLD.

Main images courtesy:, @aliyah_21x