Common Eyeliner Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Asap!

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Common eyeliner mistakes you need to stop making ASAP!

Eyeliner may be an everyday beauty staple for you or something you only wear on special occasions. Other than being tricky to apply, this one tiny makeup product can make or break your look. Right from choosing the right formula to adopting the correct application technique, one tiny mistake can ruin it all.

In order to help you prevent just that, we’ve listed down some common eyeliner mistakes you need to stop making, asap!


Mistake 01: Tugging your eyelids while applying liner

Mistake 04: Using an old, dry eyeliner

If you have the habit of tugging your eyelids while applying eyeliner then you need to break it RN! Why, you ask? Because doing so will not give you the desired result and end up causing wrinkles in the delicate eye area. Instead, you can apply eyeliner in one quick motion and then go back to gently fill in the gaps, if any.


Mistake 02: Using liquid liner on the lower lid

Mistake 04: Using an old, dry eyeliner

If someone told you applying eyeliner to both, your upper and lower lid will make your eyes look big, they lied. Applying liquid eyeliner on the lower lash line will not only make your eyes appear smaller but also look OTT. If you want to apply anything to your waterline go no further than kohl.


Mistake 03: Using curler after applying eyeliner

Mistake 04: Using an old, dry eyeliner

Eyeliner is one product that sits closest to your lashes, using a curler after applying eyeliner will fade or remove the liner making it look uneven and patchy. The trick is to first curl your lashes and then use eyeliner to get a smooth and even looking line.


Mistake 04: Using an old, dry eyeliner

Mistake 04: Using an old, dry eyeliner

Even if you don’t apply eyeliner on a regular basis, using an old, dry eyeliner is no excuse. The application will be streaky and far from smooth. An old eyeliner can also cause eye infections *yikes*. Thus, it’s best to replace your liquid eyeliner every 6 months to be on the safer side.

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