How To Fix Common Smokey Eye Mistakes

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
How to fix common smokey eye mistakes

If you are a makeup junkie, chances are that smokey eye is almost second nature to you. But even if you are someone who does not use makeup on a regular basis, we are sure you’ve watched at least a handful of makeup tutorials trying to master the art of nailing this stunning eye makeup look.

But did you know that even the best of us end up making a few really common mistakes while doing the smokey eye? Shocked, aren’t ya? Don’t worry, because we have listed out the most common smokey eye mistakes and the best way to rectify them like an absolute pro!


Mistake #01: Not doing your eye makeup first

Mistake #07: Going overboard with your eyeliner

Whenever you plan to do a heavy eye makeup look, it is always best to finish that first and then move on to your base makeup. This ensures that even if there is a lot of product fall out, you can easily correct it without spoiling your base makeup in the process.


Mistake #02: Forgetting to start with a neutral eyeshadow

Mistake #07: Going overboard with your eyeliner

Smokey eye involves the use of some pretty dark colours, and a great way to ensure that all of them look absolutely flawless is to always start your look by sweeping on a nude eyeshadow colour. This will not only provide a good base and lighten up the colours to follow, but also make blending the other eyeshadow colours super simple and hassle-free.


Mistake #03: Using a dark colour in the inner eye corner

Mistake #07: Going overboard with your eyeliner

When creating a smokey eye, placement of the colours is extremely important. It is best to leave the darker shades to the outer corner of your eye because sweeping them in the inner corner will end up making your eyes look small, tired and worn out. Stick to applying light and shimmery shades in the inner eye corner to brighten up your eyes and look wide awake.


Mistake #04: Not using the correct brushes

Mistake #07: Going overboard with your eyeliner

When it comes to applying an eyeshadow look that is as dark and intense as the smokey eye, blending forms the basis on which the entire look rests. Therefore, you need to spend a few extra minutes blending all the dark colours for them to look seamless. And for this, you need to invest in the right kind of eyeshadow blending brushes. The right brush will blend the products in like a dream and make the job a lot easier for you.


Mistake #05: Using too many colours

Mistake #07: Going overboard with your eyeliner

It is best to leave out too many colours when going for a smokey eye look. Stick to the same colour family as this makes your eye makeup look more coordinated and put together. Blending in too many different colours can end up looking messy.


Mistake #06: Leaving the lower lashline bare

Mistake #07: Going overboard with your eyeliner

A lot of women tend to pack their upper eyelid with a kaleidoscope of colours, but end up leaving the lower lashline completely bare. This not only makes your eye makeup look incomplete but makes you look older and draws unnecessary attention to the under-eye area.


Mistake #07: Going overboard with your eyeliner

Mistake #07: Going overboard with your eyeliner

The whole point of a smokey eye is to make it look sexy and sultry, but not unnecessarily dramatic or gothic. Creating a thick eyeliner takes away from the sexiness of the look and instead makes it look like you have a black-eye. In case you do want to apply eyeliner, we highly recommend that you stick to a minimal, thin flick for maximum impact.

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