Would you believe us if we told you that the secret to perfect eyeshadow is a spoon? Scrolling through the endless feed on Instagram throws up some absolute gems. This makeup hack, for instance, is one such. If you have ever wondered how to perfect the cut crease eyeshadow look, here is a simple step-by-step guide to acing the look, with a spoon!

Cut crease

Cut crease is an eye makeup look where the crease is super-defined to differentiate between the brow bone and the eye lid. This gives depth and a multi-dimensional appearance to the eye, which is attractive and dramatic. It also makes your eyes look larger.

Cut crease

  1. Sweep a neutral eyeshadow all across your eye lid.
  2. Place a spoon so the hollow portion ‘cups’ your eye. Align the spoon along the line of the crease where you want the cut crease to be.
  3. Sweep a darker eyeshadow along the edge of the spoon and blend upwards till the brow bone.
  4. Remove the spoon and sweep a shimmery eyeshadow just at the centre of the eye lid. Do not disturb the cut crease you have just created.
  5. Line your eyes with an eye liner and wing it a little.
  6. Finish the look with mascara.
Cut crease

You can even add some shimmer eyeshadow or glitter eye liner just below the crease and customise your cut crease look!

So, bring out all those plastic spoons we know you have stored from all those Swiggy orders and get practising!

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram