Instagram Sensation, Debasree’s Eye Makeup Looks Are Bomb And Here’s Proof!

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Instagram sensation, Debasree’s eye makeup looks are bomb and here’s proof!

Apart from celebrities, if there’s anyone we look up to for our daily dose of beauty inspiration and the latest makeup trends, it has to be beauty bloggers. From beauty rookies to pros, we love how they have something to offer everyone.

One such beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who leaves us awed, as much with her unabashed attitude as with her experimental makeup looks, is Debasree Banerjee. Her Instagram page and YouTube channel are filled with makeup looks that are stunning and quirky too.

Go ahead and feast your eyes on some of the best eye makeup looks we spotted on Debasree.  



Silvery halo

Tortoiseshell nails are all over Instagram, but Debasree takes this a step further and creates this stunning 90s’ trend right on her eyelids. We must say that tortoiseshell has never looked better.



Silvery halo

Easily one of the most experimental yet stunning eye makeup looks we have seen so far. We love the pink glitter embellishments paired with a barely-there winged eyeliner and gravity-defying lashes.


Purple haze

Silvery halo

Go to Debasree’s Instagram page, and you’d know in an instant that she isn’t someone to shy away from experimenting. Keeping up with the grapesoda makeup trend, the stunning beauty blogger gave it a go with purple haze eye makeup. Don’t miss the smoked out kohl on the lower lash line. Stunning, isn’t it?


A pop of sunshine

Silvery halo

A lot of influencers shy away from experimenting with neon eye makeup as it can look rather stark, but not Debasree! Always one to step out of her comfort zone, we love the stunning neon eyeliner that she has paired with a beautiful warm pink eyeshadow on her lower lash line. Don’t miss the ash blonde hair extensions that add oodles of drama to this look!


Neon inner corner

Silvery halo

If the previous neon eyeliner look was a little too much for your liking, Debasree shows you just to stay on top of this trend without looking OTT. Simply wear a blue eyeliner and apply a neon coloured eyeshadow in the inner corner like Debasree.


Lusting for lilac

Silvery halo

Pastel eye makeup looks are everywhere on international runways this season, and Debasree is here to provide you with all the inspiration you need. We love the wash of lilac all over her lid as well the lower lash line. She has completed the look with a matte black eyeliner and fluttery lashes. So wearable and sexy, right?


Silvery halo

Silvery halo

Trust Debasree to provide you with some awesome-sauce festive makeup inspiration. The gunmetal eyeshadow with a touch of kohl, dewy skin and a nude brown lipstick is all it takes to make you look like one hell of a stunner!

Picture courtesy: Instagram. Debasree’s (@debasreee) Instagram page

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