Get The Most Out Of Your Eye Shadow Palette: Here’s How 

Written by Anushka ShahNov 08, 2022
Get the Most out of Your Eye Shadow Palette: Here’s How 

Here’s all the scoop on how to make use of your eyeshadow palette in a variety of ways.

Hey there makeup mavens, we all know how we all are crazy about latest eye makeup trends. And it is only obvious to buy products to complete the look we want. But some products are multipurpose and one of the best one we’ve been trying recently is eyeshadow palettes! Shedding light (and some colour) on how to use your eyeshadow palette in a plethora of ways, we’re spilling the tea on its versatility.  

Such as, your eyeshadow palette can be used to create a new lip colour (really) or as a highlighter or even to contour your cheekbones…really, the possibilities are endless. And that’s not all, it can save you money and space as well - while making you look like a million bucks. So, brace yourself for here are 5 different uses of a single eyeshadow palette.  

Get the Most Out of Your Eyeshadow Palette  

Here’s us welcoming you to an all new world of beauty!  

1. To fill in your brows  

eyeshadow palette how to use woman eyeliner

Who doesn’t love those full brows; thick and charming - we all do! However, investing in brow cream, a brow pencil or any brow-specific product can become an expensive affair, if you’re filling your brows on the daily. PS: at times, eyebrow pencils break too, which makes your next hefty purchase a step closer. Which is why, we’re here to tell you; how to use your eyeshadow palette as brow powder; a fab idea. Yes, you read that right! If you’re running out of your eyebrow powder, simply reach for an eyeshadow palette with earthy colours. One on our radar is the Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Magic. Bring its pigmented magic to life by using a stiff, angled brush to fill in your arches with a matte brown shade (matching your brow hair) and finesse that soft finishing to your brows. And viola, there you are ready and ravishing to attract those compliments.  

2. To contour your cheekbones 

eyeshadow palette how to use woman eyeliner

The Angelina Jolie staple, high cheekbones never disappoint, which is why the catch of contouring entered the beauty world. After all, contouring enhances the shadow under your cheekbones to give your face a chiselled look. However, if you don’t have a contour palette or a contour stick, guess what can be used? Yes, your eyeshadow palette! Getting the topic - how to use your eyeshadow palette out of the dark -- to be your contouring companion, we’re here. For starters, pick an eyeshadow palette that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone - we’re a fan of the Lakme Colour Quartet Eyeshadow - Mystic Nudes. Once you’ve laid your hands on this purchase, sweep its dreamy hues under your cheekbones and jawbones with the help of a brush. Tbh, it’s really that simple and once done, blend, blend, blend until it all looks natural.  

3. To highlight the high points of your face  

eyeshadow palette how to use woman eyeliner

The girls that get it know that no look is complete without a sparkle of highlighter. Ask any girl and she’ll tell you how much she hates stepping out without dabbing some highlighter on the high points of her face. And if you’re late and if you haven’t invested in one yet, then we’ve got you the best alternative - don’t run to the stores just learn how to use your eyeshadow palette in a different way. Use a rose gold shade from your eyeshadow palette in a shimmery texture; wonder where you can find this - it's uber cool, Lakme Colour Quartet Eyeshadow. Dab, its wowing colour on the apples of the cheek, bridge of your nose, under your brow bone, on the cupid’s bow and on the inner corner of your eye. And while you may think that’s a lot of sparkle, it’s all worth it - trust us!  

4. As a new lip shade  

eyeshadow palette how to use woman eyeliner

“I have enough lipsticks,” said no woman ever. If you are a lipstick hoarder, then you’d never miss a single chance to experiment with a new colour. And guess what. You can make a new lip by just knowing - how to use your eyeshadow palette!  

All you need to do is start by applying concealer on your lips to create a fine canvas for the colour to go on smoothly. Next, using a lip brush, apply the eyeshadow of your choice. Ask us? One with the iconic makeshift lip shades has to be, Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette - Paradise Pink. Plus, if you want to make it matte, dust translucent powder over the colour, and if you want to make it glossy, then apply a thin layer of clear balm over it. And really, it’s just that simple.  

5. As an eyeliner 

eyeshadow palette how to use woman eyeliner

If you have an eyeshadow palette with multiple shades, then you don’t really need to invest in a number of coloured eyeliner pencils - you just got to know how to use your eyeshadow palette for it can do the trick for you! Just take an angled brush and sweep a little eyeshadow close to your upper lash line. You can dampen the brush a little to intensify the colours.  

There, you have it! Just by knowing how to use your eyeshadow palette, you will have so many colours to experiment with. It’s smart work; not hard work!  

FAQs about How to Get the Most Out of Your Eye Shadow Palette  

Brushing your questions away... 

Q1 Considering eyeshadows are shifty, how do I seal them on my lips? 

A1. Using a powder for that matte look or balm for that luminous effect will seal your eyeshadow on your lips. And if you want an extra lock, just spray some setting spray and you’re good to go.  

Q2 What are the core colours I should look for while purchasing a multipurpose eyeshadow palette? 

A2. Well, this fully depends on your style. However, to play it safe, always keep an eye out for something in the red, brown and rose gold family and you’re good and glam to go.  

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