The Disco Eye Makeup Look Is Trending Rn And We Love How Extra It Is

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
The disco eye makeup look is trending RN and we love how extra it is

Retro makeup trends are having a moment right now and we’re not complaining. The classic red lip is back and with it has brought so many other statement styles from the 70s. One of them is the disco eye makeup. This party-ready style is a trend that will warm your *extra* hearts. It is bold, loud and stunningly beautiful; we can't get enough of it!


What inspired the disco eye makeup trend?

How to :

You might've guessed what the trend is all about just by the name. Mimicking a big, shimmery silver disco ball, this look is all about that loose glitter. Getting its distinctive look from glued-on shimmery flakes, the trend has been directly lifted from disco girl style which is all about the glitter. The trick is to keep the eye statement, throw on falsies and go with a toned down lip to get the point across. Some makeup maximalists have gone as far as loading up the glitter on their eyebrows and under-eye as well.


How to :

How to :

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you ace the beautiful disco eye makeup look!

Step 01: Start by prepping your eyes using a primer. A waterproof formula like the Lakme Absolut Blur Perfect Primer will protect your eye look from melting off quickly

Step 02: There are two ways you can do your eye under the disco glitter. Either do a nude shimmer or fill in with chrome colours to peek through from the gaps. Make sure you don't apply colours that clash with the silver glitter

Step 03: It's time for the glitter! Dip a thin eyeliner brush in some glitter glue, collect your loose glitter on the brush and apply on your lashes first. Depending on how OTT you want the look to be, you can extend the glitter to the brow bone, the inner eye or even slightly past it. It's your call!

Step 04: Set with a setting spray and voila! you are done.

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