Classic, bold, dramatic... words fall short when it comes to describing this eye makeup look.  The smokey eye can be pretty hard to nail, but not anymore. If you’re a makeup newbie, our BB beauty ninja Shanaya Sardesai has a quick and easy tutorial to get that smokey eye right without having to worry about looking like a panda.

Step 1: Start by applying concealer all over your lids and set it with a powder.

Step 2: Take a black kajal and apply it all over your eyelids.

Step 3: Now with a blending brush start smudging the kajal to make it look seamless. Work on one eye at a time because once the kajal sets, it’ll be slightly difficult for you to smudge it.

Make sure to blend well to avoid any harsh lines. Especially while doing a smokey eye, blending the colour plays a very important role.

Step 4: Set your kajal with a black eyeshadow. The shadow helps set the colour and gives your eyes a soft finish.

Step 5: Now use a brown eyeshadow and apply it to your crease using a blending brush. This will be your transition shade, which will help give you that smokey look. 

Step 6:  Apply the same black shadow under your waterline, blending downwards. Finish off with kajal in the waterline.

 Step 7: Apply highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes and on the brow bone to give your eyes that extra dimension.

 Step 8: Finally, add some mascara and you are good to go!