For a lot of girls, especially if you are a makeup newbie, eyeshadows can prove to be quite daunting. And this is even more true when it comes to the smokey eye. As popular as this eye makeup look is, we totally understand if you deliberately steer clear from it, fearing the risk of a makeup faux pas.

But not anymore. We are about to break down the steps of how to create the perfect smokey eye makeup look using just one eyeshadow. Yes, just one. Read on for the complete tutorial…


How to :

How to do  smokey eye makeup look :

Step 01: Prep your lids Whether you are a makeup beginner or rookie, you should never skip on applying a primer as it will prevent your shadow from shifting and smudging. Take a tiny amount of the Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer and apply it all over your lid. Remember to pat the product in for better results.

Step 02: Apply the shadow Take a little bit of the brown shadow from the Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Pallete - Midnight Magic on your finger and place it all over your eyelid. Keeping layering it on until you’ve reached the desired pigment and your entire eyelid is evenly coated. It doesn’t have to be perfect because that’s what we are going to do in the next step.

Step 03: Blend, blend, blend Once you’ve packed on the product, use a soft eyeshadow blending brush to buff and blend the product. Use an outward and upward motion as this will help give your eyes that beautiful shape and definition. Take a bit of extra time when it comes to defining the crease.

Step 04: Dress up the lower lash line Using the same brush that you used to blend the shadow and go over your lower lash line. But remember to not take any extra product, simply work with whatever is still on the brush. This will make your eyes appear soft and dreamy appearance

Step 05: Curl your lashes Curling your lashes is mandatory when it comes to creating a smokey eye because it makes your eyes appear bigger. And the bigger your eyes look, the less stark your eyeshadow will appear

Step 06: Add some mascara Using a volumizing mascara such as the Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Volumizing Mascara for a dramatic effect. Start from the middle of your eyes as this is the place where you want the maximum lift. Add a minimum of two to three coats for fluttery and fanned out lashes.