We consider every new makeup trend as a great opportunity to perfect our makeup application skills. While some makeup trends are really simple, there are few that require skills and a half. And one such trend has to be the cut crease eye makeup trend.

But just when we had mastered the art of creating a cut crease without breaking a sweat, a new eye makeup trend from the same family decided to pop up. Yep! We’re talking about the negative space cut crease. But being the beauty junkies that we are, we had to give this one a try too.

Here’s a 5-step eye makeup tutorial to help you ace this look in no time!


The step-by-step guide

Step by step guide

Step 01: Prime your lids

A cut crease eye makeup look is almost like a work of art, and you definitely don’t want it to smudge or rub off in a few hours, right? Therefore it is important to primer your lids with the Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer. This will not just extend the wear time of your makeup, but will also make your eyeshadow pop.

Step 02: Pick and apply a base colour

Applying a nude eyeshadow colour (one that’s closest to your natural eyelid colour) is really important for this eye makeup look. This will act as a base and will make the negative space look seamless and not like you aren’t wearing any eyeshadow there. Apply this eyeshadow all over your eyelid and a little over your crease as well.

Step 03: It’s time to define the crease

To enhance your crease, it is important to choose a colour that’s bright and will distinctly separate your crease from your lid. To make things easier, take any liquid eyeliner, in a colour that will blend well with the rest of your eye makeup. To define the crease, draw a thin line along your crease starting from the inner corner of your lid all the way out. Once this is done, just go back and thicken the line as per your liking and correct mistakes if any.

Step 04: Create the wing

To pull the eye makeup together, take your traditional black eyeliner (you can even use the same colour as the one you used in the crease) and apply it in a thin flick close to your lash line. Draw a tiny wing to add a little more drama and definition.

Step 05: Complete the look

No eye makeup look is ever complete without a good dose of mascara, hence that’s what you’ll do now. Grab a volumizing mascara such as the Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Volumizing Mascara – Black and apply at least two coats to complete this stunning eye makeup look.

Image courtesy: Instagram