One of the worst nightmares of a beauty junkie has to be smudged mascara. But let’s accept it, all of us have been in this unsightly situation, especially during the rainy and shaadi season; despite having used waterproof mascara. *Argh*

But fret not, because your friends at BeBe have the perfect solution to this common problem. Yes, really! All you need to do is simply follow a little makeup hack to keep your mascara in from smudging… no matter what the day throws at you. Read on now, but don’t forget to thank us later…

hack to prevent smidged mascara

Step 01: Start by dusting your lashes with a little bit of loose powder or baby powder. This will help to separate the lashes and give them a fuller appearance.

Step 02: Next, apply a few coats of your favourite mascara. We prefer the Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Volumizing Mascara — thanks to it’s already smudge-free and waterproof formula.

Step 03: Once your mascara is completely dry, go ahead and apply a coat of clear, brow gel. Just like how it helps to tame unruly brows, it does the exact same thing for your lashes. It seals your mascara in place, and prevents it from running down your face — come rain or shine.

Step 04: Once you apply the brow gel, allow it to settle and dry down before moving or touching your lashes

. And voila! Your perfectly long and beautifully done up lashes are ready to be fluttered!