One of the biggest problems of living in a hot and humid climate is that no matter how good your eye makeup looks when you first apply it, it all ends up disappearing a few hours later. Ugh, so frustrating!

But not anymore! Because we’re going to teach you how to make your eye makeup last longer using eyeshadow foiling — an eyeshadow application technique that enhances the pigment of your shadow and increases its wear-time. Sounds exactly like the kind of thing you need, doesn’t it?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this technique and the exact way to foil your eyeshadow in a few simple steps…


What is eyeshadow foiling?

What is eyeshadow foiling?

Eyeshadow foiling is nothing but mixing powder or metallic eyeshadow pigment with a primer or setting spray to intensify the pigment of the eyeshadow and prevent fading, smudging and creasing due to oil and sweat. It is a great way to make the most of any eyeshadow; it intensifies the colour and makes the eyeshadow last longer.

Why this works…

When you spray your powder eyeshadow with a little bit of setting spray or mix it with a primer, it helps the powder eyeshadow change its texture to become creamier and thicker, which allows it to stick to your eyes better. This also prevents eyeshadow fall out and creasing, which is a problem for a lot of us.

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How to foil any shadow:

How to foil any shadow:

Step 01: Start by choosing any powder or metallic eyeshadow of your choice.

Step 02: Pick up a little pigment on your eyeshadow brush and wet it using a few spritzes of a setting spray (you need the brush to be damp and not wet or soggy) and apply the formula on to your eyes. Remember to be quick because you don’t want the eyeshadow to dry and become clumpy. If you’re planning to use a primer for this, scrape a bit of eyeshadow onto a surface and mix it with a tiny bit of primer until it becomes a creamy paste and then apply it onto your eyes. Use a brush instead of your fingers as it offers more control and much better results.

Step 03: While applying this eyeshadow using the foiling technique, always tap off the excess and use a patting motion to apply your eyeshadow. This will offer better coverage and not lift away any of the product in the process of application.

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eyeshadow foiling

Pro tip: If you’re planning to work with both, matter powder and metallic eyeshadows, then start with applying the matte shadow all over the lid using the foiling technique and then go ahead and apply the metallic colours in the inner corner or on the middle of the for extra oomph.

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