Have you ever wondered about the origin of new and exciting makeup trends? A lot of the time, nature inspires them; when Insta-beauty fanatics started using eyeshadow palettes to create watermelons on their lids, we weren't surprised. Long-held beauty practices are also one of the major influences for makeup, updated a little bit to fit the modern times. You've got to agree; the smokey eye has to come from kajal-smudged eyes most desi girls sport every morning. We are not sure, but do wish that is the case.

Makeup trends also stem from pop culture moments, and one edgy look that has slipped the cracks of safe makeup is the eyebrow slits. Here’s everything you need to know about this unusual trend.


1. What are eyebrow slits?

What are eyebrow slits?

Eyebrow slits are thin vertical cuts along with the eyebrow hair. They can be made by a professional, your parlour didi or even DIY if you are gifted with a steady hand and a brave heart. The style was all the rage in the ‘90s, especially with hip hop artists. They have been brought back by modern beauty bloggers who aren't afraid to try even the weirdest makeup trends.


2. From where does this trend emerge?

From where does this trend emerge?

The concept of an eyebrow slit is rather dark in its origins. A slit or cut in the eyebrow hair naturally occurs if the person has been in a fight and suffered a gash in that area. They are remnants of an injury, usually seen in old gangster movies where the actors had to shave off a section of their brows to mimic that. More recently, actors like GOT-famed Jason Momoa have given it a new life, even though Jason got the cut from an actual bar fight. We find that fascinating. It's almost like turning a scar into a beauty feature!


3. Eyebrow slit trend 1: Eyebrow slits with haircut joining

Eyebrow slits with haircut joining

The eyebrow slit trend is wild, vivacious, and varied. Not surprisingly, it has numerous types and forms which you can try, depending upon the risk you are willing to take. An interesting way to do it is by joining it with your haircut. This looks crackling and edgy, especially if you are sporting buzz, crew, or fade cuts. The trick to keep in mind is to maintain the same angle while cutting, for your hair and brow. There are other styles to follow too. The best way to get it done is by a professional hairstylist or a barber.

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4. Eyebrow slit trend 2: Double slit with haircut

Double slit with haircut

This one’s even edgier than the last one. If you are someone whose personality oozes sparks and you are not scared of taking risks with respect to your hairstyle, go for this one. Again, it’s better to take professional help rather than going solo with the razor as this one is as tricky as stylish. A professional would do a much better job.

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5. Eyebrow slit trend 3: Single eyebrow slit

Single eyebrow slit

Neat and clean, this one’s perhaps the most basic yet stylish one. Single eyebrow slit is a cool trend to follow, and a little safer than its other edgier counterparts. It draws attention to the eyes and you can further enhance the aura by playing with your eye makeup. Go all bold with the colours, that would be our suggestion.

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6. Eyebrow slit trend 4: Double eyebrow slit

Double eyebrow slit

Just like the single eyebrow slit trend, with double the fun. It indicates that you are now ready to take the game of edge a notch further. This can be a fun way to accentuate the arch of your eyebrows too, thus giving the whole face a lifting, wholesome, and sharp look. Go for it!

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7. Eyebrow slit trend 5: Bejewelled eyebrow slit

Bejewelled eyebrow slit

Are you ready to get your funk on? Then piercing is the best way to amp up the eyebrow slit trend, your way. It looks super cool and trendy and doesn’t take much time or tide too. Slit and pierce, and you are done. Pick up your favourite mini studs or if you are willing to go all out, sport mini dangles or loops.

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8. How to get eyebrow slits?

How to get eyebrow slits?

Eyebrow slits can be permanent or temporary, depending on how you like it. If you wish to do it on your own, arm yourself with a slim electric shaver and some tape. Clean a slanting section at the tail end. Be careful not to overdo it because then it'll just end up looking like a bald spot. You can also use a concealer to create the desired effect—Prep your brows by correctly lining and filling it with powder; brush it out with a spoolie. Use the concealer to create the edge slits and blend that in properly. While this trick works when you want to photograph the look, an actual person standing close to you will be able to tell!


9. Do they grow back?

Do they grow back?

Deciding on whether to get an eyebrow slit or not depends heavily on how well you know your brows. On average, brow hairs can take 2 weeks to over a month to grow back. I personally would never mess with my brows like this; they're just too precious. So if you want to do it permanently, tread with caution!


10. FAQ for Eyebrow Slit Trend

FAQ for Eyebrow Slit Trend

Q. Which eyebrow should I slit?

A. You can slit any eyebrow, but ideally, you should pick the one which flatters you best and has a good hair growth for the slit to be clearly and gorgeously visible.

Q. Are eyebrow slits attractive?

A. If done in the right manner, then yes, the eyebrow slit trend can definitely be rocked. Just don the razor only when you are absolutely sure. Else, get it done from a professional stylist.

Q. How long do eyebrow slits take to grow back?

A. Ideally, eyebrow slits take as much time to grow back as normal eyebrow hair. But, there are certain differences. If you use a razor, the hair will come back in a fortnight. However, if you tweeze the hair, they may take a lot more time to grow back, from weeks to months.