How to apply eyeshadow according to your eye shape

Written by Anjali AgarwalOct 10, 2019

The right eye makeup can accentuate your eyes and make them look bigger and lifted, while the wrong makeup can make them look droopy and unflattering. A good rule is to know what eye shape you have, so you can apply makeup accordingly.

While dramatic eye makeup makes monolids appear bigger, the same makeup can make deep set eyes appear sunken and unflattering. We have rounded up the best eye makeup tips for five of the most common eye shapes so you don’t have any makeup mishaps and look on point always.

Hooded eyes

This eye shape has little or no visible lid space or crease. Subtle smokey eye makeup with matte shades of browns and black will give your eyes some definition and depth. Apply liner on the upper lash line to make the upper lid more noticeable.

Almond eyes

You have the most coveted and naturally beautiful eyes in the world. For this eye shape, a long-winged flick or pastel shades like pink or mauve are your best bet. Rock fuller lashes to draw all the attention to your big and beautiful eyes. 

Deep set eyes

These are typically big eyes set deep and often appear sunken. The good news is you already have a defined crease and contoured brow bone. Avoid smokey eyes and line your eyes to make the rims of eyes more prominent.

Downturned eyes

Downturned eyes are the ones with the outer corners tilted slightly down. Sport a cat eye to lift up the outer edges of the eyes. Or, apply an elongated eyeshadow in a light shade to create an illusion of outward shadow.  

Upturned eyes

If the outer edges of your eyes are slightly pointed upwards, you have got the most coveted eye shape. The best way to show off your pretty peepers is to encase them in playful colours. Focus on the lower lash line and accentuate it with a silver shimmer or smudging a deep coloured eyeshadow.

Image courtesy: Instagram