If you are anything like us—meaning lazy, always late and a makeup lover—then this story is for you!
Ladies, here are some super simple eye makeup hacks that will come in handy for when you’ve overslept and are running late. And since most of us always prioritize sleep over makeup—these hacks are our thing!

Here are some super simple eye makeup hacks for when you are on the go, without missing out on anything!


#1 Tight line Your Eyes

Tight line Your Eyes

If you’re not in a habit of tight lining your eyes, start right away. Tight lining your eyes makes a world of a difference. It gives definition to your eyes and makes them look bigger and beautiful. Simply take a black kohl and run it on your upper and lower waterline. If black is too dark for you, you can choose a soft brown too.


#2 Use Kajal For a Smokey Eye

Use Kajal For a Smokey Eye

Doing a glam eye makeup requires a lot of time and patience. And if you are a lazy bum, chances are—you’re doomed.

Use black kohl to create a smokey eye look. Simple draw an inward “V” on the outer corner of your eyes with kohl and then - blend, blend, blend! You can set your eyes with a black shadow to prevent further smudging.


#3 Use A Tape For The Wing

Use A Tape For The Wing

Winged eyeliners are a pain to ace, you guys. Undoubtedly though, they look bomb. But drawing a perfect wing on your eyes needs years of practice and patience. But wait, we’ve got a hack. Stick a transparent tape on the corner of your eyes at an angle in which you want your wing to be. Next, draw your wing carefully. Once done, peel off the tape and you’ll have a perfect winged eyeliner.


#4 Don’t Forget To Apply Mascara On Your Lower Lashes

Apply Mascara On Your Lower Lashes

Most of us are guilty of ignoring our lower lashes while applying mascara. Never do that. Applying a coat of mascara on your lower lashes instantly gives a definition to your eyes making them pop. Don’t overdo it, but also don’t ignore them!


#5 Highlight Your Inner Corners

Highlight Your Inner Corners

If you have some extra time left before stepping out, make your eyes pop by applying a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes. It instantly wakes you up and makes your eye look bigger. Choose the same shade as you picked to highlight your brow bone.