4 Eye Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
4 eye makeup tips for mature skin

It’s not just your skincare routine that needs to be updated with age. Your makeup routine needs a change-up to suit your ageing skins’ needs better as well. This is especially true for the eye area, which shows the first — and most evident — signs of ageing. Now, we don't want you stressing over how to conceal signs of ageing around the eyes. But, we have some pointers on how to perfect your eyeshadow game to accommodate the changes in texture. They’re pretty simple too, check ‘em out!


01. Moisturise the eye area well

04. Use smudge-proof products

The skin around your eyes tends to be much thinner than the rest of your face, making it more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. Add an extra pump of moisture to just your eyelids before applying makeup. Apply a hydrating eye cream on the lids and under-eye area and massage gently to avoid irritating the skin.


02. Prep with an eyeshadow primer

04. Use smudge-proof products

As you get older, your eyes start to become a bit more hooded, making it difficult for eyeshadow to stick around all day without creasing. Adding an eyeshadow primer without fail will make sure the pigment stays smooth for long hours. You can use your regular primer too, but make sure it is formulated especially for filling fine lines and wrinkles. We love a good gel-based pick like the Lakme Absolute Under Cover Gel Face Primer.


03. Use creamy formulas

04. Use smudge-proof products

As you age, it’s crucial to pay attention to the formula and finish of your go-to products. For instance, glittery eyeshadows can sometimes settle into creases and make fine lines show more. So, a matte finish formula should be chosen over shimmery ones. You should also switch your powder palettes with cream or stick eyeshadows. They are far more hydrating than powder eyeshadows and blend well on textured lids.


04. Use smudge-proof products

04. Use smudge-proof products

Eyeshadow hues like nudes, soft roses, taupes or pale browns are more flattering and make your droopy eyes look more awake. But if you don’t wish to trade off pretty colours with nudes, there is a way to add oomph with eyeliner and mascara instead. Use a long-stay liner that will stay on your waterline and won’t transfer on the upper lid. Same goes for your mascara too. The Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara is smudge-proof, transfer-proof and perfectly curls the lashes to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

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