Eyebrows are an important feature of your face. They are responsible for framing your face and can really tie all of your facial features together. It is important to maintain your brows according to your face shape, so that you can occasionally style and groom them in trendy ways to change up your look. Which is why there are a variety of trendy eyebrow treatments that are offered to beauty enthusiasts to experiment with the look of their brows. They are a good way to add definition, shape, thickness and even a glossier look. So, if you are looking for something more than just tweezing or trimming your brows, these are the amazing treatments you can indulge in...


5 trendy eyebrow treatments you should try

5 trendy eyebrow treatments you should try

As seen above, there are a number of eyebrow treatments that promise great results. We have explained them in detail, looking at what exactly the treatments are and the benefits they offer. Check them out below...


1. Eyebrow tinting

Eyebrow tinting

What it is -

If you like to try quirky hair colours, chances are, you already know about hair tints! Tints are semi-permanent in nature, coat your hair beautifully and are done with vegetable-based dyes mixed with 3% peroxide solution. Which makes them such a cool option for adding pigment to your eyebrows and giving a fuller appearance. The procedure lasts no more than a couple of minutes and can be a good option for someone who likes to fill in and define their brows everyday.

Benefits -

Eyebrow tinting can result in a more defined-looking brow that looks well-groomed all the time. Since a pigmented dye is used to tint, the process can make even the finest of eyebrow hair look thick and full. Your technician can even tint the new baby hair coming up underneath and darken them as well. Trendy tints are now available in a bunch of colours so you can experiment with flashy brows as much as your like. Touch-ups can be done according to your need, as the tints fade in a natural and even manner, no patches to be found!


2. Eyebrow extensions

Eyebrow extensions

What it is -

Eyebrow extensions follow the same rules as eyelashes or hair extensions do - they are adhered to the existing hair to make them longer or thicker. Eyebrow extensions are done in a way that looks very natural and is fuller to the touch. The procedure is put into place after a detailed consultation with a technician, followed by them drawing an outline of what the final result will look like. The process takes about 60 minutes to get done (as the extensions are applied one by one) and needs to be touched-up every 2-4 weeks.

Benefits -

Eyebrow extensions are not only great for making your brows look thicker, they can also be used to fill in bald patches on your brows. Your technician can adhere the extensions to give you a higher arch, a longer tail, or a shape that curves less, the procedure gives very versatile results. They do not include any dyes or pigments, the glue is surgical-grade and does not require any down time to heal or show the final look.


3. Eyebrow microblading

Eyebrow microblading

What it is -

Microblading is a popular semi-permanent makeup trend that has been taking the beauty world by storm. The most popular forms of microblading are eyebrow tattooing and lip blushing. With brows, the procedure aims to fill in shaped, hair-like strokes of pigment using a tiny needle. The skin-safe dye is manually inserted into the top layers of the skin and can be used to change the shape of your eyebrows or give them a thicker appearance. The procedure can take between 2-3 hours depending upon the final look you are going for.

Benefits -

If your brows aren't naturally thick and full, a microblading procedure can help even things out with microblading. The procedure is preceded by applying a numbing cream to your eyebrow area then filled in with an ink-like regular tattooing procedure. The inking process can fill any patchiness or even bulk up thin brows. Unlike the eyebrow treatments we've seen above, microblading requires a healing time of about 4-6 weeks, with the results lasting up to 12 -18 months, post which you can get it touched up as needed.


4. Eyebrow henna

Eyebrow henna

What it is -

Eyebrow henna is not like the one that us desi girls apply on our arms and feet. While the dye is all-natural and plant-based, it is activated with rose water and can last on the brow hair for up to 6 weeks. The procedure however relies on dyeing the skin underneath the brow and making it look thicker. For this, your existing brows are first cleaned up and shaped, following which, the henna is applied and kept for at least 30 minutes. Brow henna procedures are popular for their ombré effect, lighter on the inside and darker at the tail.

Benefits -

Eyebrow henna procedures are known for their all-natural approach to brow dyeing. They are temporary and can be done at home as well. However, it is better to get it done by a professional in order to maintain precision and full coverage.


5. Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination

What it is -

An eyebrow look that people everywhere have been DIY-ing with soap, laminated brows look sleek, glossy and are high on drama with a feathered finish. The procedure itself works by relaxing and straightening brow hair. This transforms otherwise stubborn eyebrows to become more malleable so that they can be easily styled.

The procedure is done in three steps -

a) application of the perming solution to break hair bonds and infuse it with keratin

b) application of fixing solution to reset the bonds into your desired shape

c) application of moisturising serum to restore the damage done by the perming solution on the hair and skin.

Benefits -

Brow lamination is a versatile procedure that suits all skin types and brow shapes. They can make skinny brows look fluffier and give naturally thick brows more control and definition. It does not involve injecting any inks or dyes which means you do not have to worry about them being invasive. The results can last for up to 8-10 weeks and can be used as a base on which other treatments, like tinting or henna tattooing, can be done. Lamination is more about the texture of the brows than the look, which is why it is a popular procedure that doesn't require a lot of maintenance or touch ups.


FAQs about eyebrow treatments

FAQs about eyebrow treatments

Q. Is tweezing a good way to groom your eyebrows?

A. Yes, tweezing is an effective way to clean up the stray hair under your eyebrows. Your eyebrows can be trimmed with scissors if you have low pain tolerance, it gives a similar, clean look. Having said that, trimming or tweezing should be done very carefully as they involve sharp tools to do the same. If you do not trust your skills, just have a professional do it for you.

Q. Which is the best eyebrow treatment for sensitive skin?

A. Most dermatologists recommend threading as the safest form of eyebrow grooming for sensitive skin. It doesn't involve chemicals or dyes that can irritate your skin. Also, the actual contact time with your skin is less and the results last for about two weeks without having to be touched up.

Q. Is waxing your eyebrows safe?

A. Yes, when done by a professional with the necessary precautions, waxing can be a safe and affordable procedure to groom and shape your eyebrows. Eyebrow waxes are generally thin and applied lukewarm, which makes them a suitable treatment for those who hate to get waxed otherwise.

Image courtesy: @leahbaines_mua