Eyeshadow 101: The Dos And The Don’ts

Written by Lopa KOct 21, 2022
Eyeshadow 101: The Dos and the Don’ts

What’s a party look without eye makeup with lots of drama, right? But for some beauty noobs, it can be a bit tricky to achieve. It does not always come out to be as perfect as you want and you end up looking like you didn’t know what you were doing! If you love gorgeous, dramatic eye makeup but your eyeshadow palette is collecting dust in your drawer, we are here to teach you how to use eyeshadow the right way. 


Eyeshadow 101 – the basics

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

With eye trends reigning supreme all of 2022, and expected to do the same in 2023 too, we're pumped up for the new trends that are popping up for the festive season. But eyeshadow application isn't easy — from harsh lines and patchy eyeshadow to awkward shimmer, there are plenty ways to go wrong. That's why we've compiled a list of our top dos and don'ts when it comes to how to use eyeshadow. 


DO: Use a primer

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

Priming your lids won't only increase the intensity of the shadow pigment, but it'll ensure your eyeshadow is crease-less and make it stay on longer as well. A regular primer or concealer can do the job of priming your eyelids too, so make sure your eyeshadow has a steady base for seamless application. Go for the Lakme Absolute Undercover Gel Primer which has a smooth gel finish that moisturises your lids thanks to the vitamin E in it.


DO: Create a base

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

Pick a neutral eyeshadow shade similar to your skin tone and cover your lids with it to make a base for your eye makeup. It gives dimension to your eyes and makes your eyeshadow shade pop up. The Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Coral Sunset has the perfect base shades from peach colours to light pink. Create a warm base on which you can then experiment with. 


DO: Create dimension

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

Creating dimension is the easiest way to make your eyes look dramatic, and it involves using dark and light, shimmery and matte shades to demonstrate a 3D effect. Play with the Lakme Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette - Berry Martini to create a party look. One of the easiest ways to create dimension is to start with a transition, matte shade on the crease like the mauve, followed by a darker, matte shade on the outer corner. Once blended, use lighter, shimmery shades whether you are in the mood for gold or glittery pink on the middle of the lid and the inner corner for bigger, brighter eyes. 


DO: Wet your brush for shimmery shades

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

This hack works best for shimmery shades — if you feel like your glitter isn't depositing enough pigment, simply dampen your brush a little bit with a mist, and work the eyeshadow into a little paste. This will help you avoid patchiness and awkward-looking glittery eyes. With light and muted colours like browns or bright colours like gold and champagne, the Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow - Desert Rose is just the right palette to work on your shimmery look. 

DO: Add a winged edge

Have you ever felt that your eye makeup is looking incomplete? To get that perfect runway look, all that you may be missing might just be the winged edges. You don’t need to apply eyeliner, just eyeshadow will do. To master the winged eyeshadow, put tape diagonally along the outer corner of your eye. Blend the eyeshadow and remove the tape. Make sure you place the tape at a similar angle on both sides. 


DO: Highlight your eye makeup

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

Highlight the inner corner and the centre of your eyes for an ultra-glam look. Take a light shimmery eyeshadow and tap on the centre of your eyelid and blend. Apply Lakme Absolute Liquid Highlighter on your inner corners and brow bone. Lightweight and shiny, it gives your eye makeup a dewy finish without the fear of it looking greasy or sweaty. 

DO: Clean up 

Finish your eye makeup with lots of mascara. How to use eyeshadow is actually pretty easy, it is the aftermath you should focus on. After you’re done with your eye makeup, take a Q-tip dipped in micellar water and wipe off any smudges and clean up the lines to look sharper.  


DON'T: Use shimmer as a transition shade 

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

Transition shades are supposed to blend the colours you're using in your eye makeup seamlessly. Using a shimmer as a transition shade would defeat the purpose, since it would reflect light and look stark, without blending the powders properly. Instead, opt for a matte shade that's a shade or two darker than your skin tone to create an impeccable transition. 

DON'T: Over-blend 

Blending properly is an important step in the eyeshadow application process. Do it too soon, and you're left with harsh lines that look strange. In fear of under-blending, many tend to over-blend, and their eyeshadow ends up looking patchy and uneven. Don't worry though, if you've over-blended, you can easily hit the reset button and start with your lightest colour. 


DON'T: Be afraid to experiment

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

The last few years have been all about above-mask makeup, and if you're scared to experiment, put those fears to rest — make your eyes the real eye-catchers already! With a plethora of trends to choose from, ranging from Y2K to graphic makeup, you know you're spoilt for choice. You can go for a single pop of colour or play with two-toned looks with the Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye Shadow Duos. Ranging from matte dark colours to glittery light colours, you can either go for the classic smokey look or a bold look. It is also crease-free and moisturising without worrying about the usual powdery glitter falling out and ruining your base. 

 DON'T: Use any brush 

You could be the biggest eyeshadow hoarder, but if you’re not investing in the right tools to apply your eyeshadow perfectly, well, then that bomb palette won’t be of much use to you. If you want your eye makeup to look statement-worthy, then you need the right tools. You need two main brushes for the eyeshadow application. A tapered flat brush can help apply your eyeshadow and a fluffy brush can be your best bet for blending. 


DON'T: Match with your eye colour

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

This is the biggest mistake most of us tend to make when it comes to picking an eyeshadow hue. Your eye makeup should complement the colour of your eyes, not match it. If you try to do the latter, your eye makeup is not going to stand out. Purple and blue shadows really make brown eyes stand out. Coral and copper tones complement blue eyes. And, golds, fuchsia and berry colours go well with green eyes. 

DON'T: Go overboard 

The one thing that makes our eye makeup look disastrous is harsh lines and creases. It is totally cringe-worthy! This usually happens when you apply too much product to your lids. And that’s not all! More product equals more fallout. In the process of clearing up the fallout, you tend to mess up with your base makeup *phew* the struggle does not end! It is, therefore, important to start with little product and slowly build up if you want a more intense finish. 


FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

FAQs on eyeshadow dos and don’ts

Q. Do you apply dark or light shades first? 

A. Start with the light shade and work your way to the dark shade on your crease. Starting with a light shade allows you to judge how much you should blend. 

Q. Is it okay to use fingers to apply eyeshadow? 

A. If you don’t have the right brushes, you can always use your fingertips. Use your fingers to pack on the colour. But do try to use a soft brush to blend different shades together. 

Q. Where does the darker eyeshadow go? 

A. Put the darker shade on the outer corner of your eyes. Put a little on the edge of your lid and then transition to a lighter shade and take it all the way to the inner corner of your eye. 

Guess now you can’t say you don’t know how to use eyeshadow. Well, dust off your palettes and brushes and get to creating an iconic eye makeup look now. 

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