Applying eyeshadow the right way is not easy. Which colour goes where? Should I start with a lighter shade or the darker one? Would a cream shadow be better or should I go with a powder one? Arrggh! Yes, these are some common questions that gnaw at every makeup newbie’s mind. But if these doubts make you want to give up on eyeshadow, then wait and hear us out.

To make your eyeshadow application look like an absolute piece of art requires some amount of effort and diligence. After all, no good thing comes easy, right? But don’t worry as we have got your back. Because we know that it’s easy to get confused about the best ways to make your eyes pop, we’ve crafted an eyeshadow mapping guide with 5 easy steps to show you exactly how to handle all those shadows, no matter your eye shape or colour.


Eyeshadow mapping – how to correctly apply eyeshadow

Eyeshadoeyeshadoww mapping – how to correctly apply

Step 01: Prime your lids

This is one of the biggest eyeshadow application mistakes makeup newbies tend to make. It is really important to prime your lids before applying eyeshadow because this makes for the perfect canvas for your eyeshadow colours to go over. Additionally, if you have greasy lids or when summer hits, the primer keeps the eyeshadow in place. You'll find that post this step, your shadow won't budge.

Step 02: Start with a neutral colour

For your lids, always choose a neutral shade which is neither too light nor too dark. Apply this colour all over the lid, going all the way up to the crease. This is what will form the base on which you will then create the rest of your look. Even if you want to create a really simple, basic look, this trick will ensure that the colours on your eyes pop and perfectly conceal any discolourations.

Step 03: Darken your crease

As for the next step, take a darker shade from the same family as the base and apply it into your crease to darken it. Start from the inside of the eye with a thin line and keep going thicker as it extends to the outside of the crease. And then blend it completely to avoid harsh lines. This is the step that adds some drama and gives it the required depth and definition.

Step 04: Define your brow bone

No eyeshadow look is complete without this step. This step gives your eyes some extra definition, makes them pop and draws the right kind of attention to your eyebrows. Always use the lightest colour from the eyeshadow palette and avoid dark shades completely for this step.

Step 05: Highlight the inner corner

This is the final step of any eyeshadow look, but one that is really important as it helps to truly open up your eyes and make you look wide awake. Simply press your pinky finger into the lightest colour of the palette and then press your pinky into the inside corner of your eye.

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