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Want to try out the floating eyeliner trend that every celebrity and influencer seem to be sporting? It is as easy as it can be with just a couple of lines with your favourite eyeliner. 

Jump on the floating eyeliner trend with no fears. While it may look complicated with all types of lines, angles and geometry involved, it is actually easier than the usual wings. Simply follow your crease and draw lines. And the best part is since it is an experimental look, there is no right or wrong way. Is that random flick near your brow bone unintentional? No one needs to know.  

Types of floating eyeliner 

As we mentioned above, the moment we get the freedom to experiment and draw lines however we wish, there are several ways and combinations that we can try out. Go beyond the standard floating eyeliner and try something different. Well, here are some unique ways you can make your eye makeup interesting. 

floating eyeliner Neutral floating crease 

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Neutral floating crease  

The best way to get a floating eyeliner look is to keep it simple and follow the basics. No need for glitter or rhinestones, it shines best when worn with a clean and neutral base. Start by drawing on your usual eyeliner above your upper lash line. You can wing it out if you want to add a dramatic touch. Next, draw another line right on your crease. And that’s it! 

floating eyeliner Bold floating crease  

Image credit: @veronica__roman

Bold floating crease  

Now that you’re comfortable with the floating crease eyeliner, try out different things by making it even bolder. Say that you have drawn on the usual liner and the crease. You can fill in the space in between with a darker eyeshadow like a vibrant blue or purple to make your eyes pop. 

floating eyeliner Graphic white liner 

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Graphic white liner  

Are you tired of your eyeliner not showing on your hooded eyes or monolids? Well, no more. The graphic white liner is here to jazz up your lids and turn heads. Swap out the usual black eyeliner for white or even any other shade. Simply connect the line on your crease with the usual wing and you’re done! 

floating eyeliner Neon inner corner wing 

Image courtesy: @rowisingh

Neon inner corner wing 

Now that you have aced the usual floating wing, do you want to kick it up a notch? Channel your inner punk diva with some neon colours. Instead of the boring black lines, you can draw the floating line on your crease in neon green. Next, pack some neon pink on your brush and draw on a half-winged liner on your lower lash line and the inner corner of your eye. 

floating eyeliner Euphoria

Image credit: @kirinrider, @ashna_ansari_947

Bring your ‘Euphoria’ 

The HBO show ‘Euphoria’ may have ended in March, but no one can get over Maddy’s glittery and rhinestone looks. Instead of drawing on your liner, highlight your crease by sticking rhinestones on it. Fill in the space between your rhinestoned crease and your lash line with shades of blue eyeshadow. 

floating eyeliner Colourful liner 

Image credit: @rachelteetyler

Colourful liner 

Do you want something simple yet fun for a day look? Just change the colour of one of your lines. Draw on the base liner in black. And for your crease, draw the line in yellow or in the colour of whatever outfit you’re wearing. 

How to do the floating eyeliner make-up Lakme

How to do the floating eyeliner  

While winged eyeliner is a classic favourite, it can get pretty redundant sporting the same style every time. But once you’re open to experimenting, there’s no limit on the number of styles you can create. Join in on this quirky trend of the floating crease eyeliner in just a couple of steps. Here’s how to ace the look. 

Step 1 - Get started with primer 

Never, ever, ever skip on the primer. The Lakme Absolute Blur Primer not only hides blemishes and warts, but also evens your skin tone and makes it easier for you to blend your eyeshadow. It also creates a strong base for your eye makeup to hold on to and last all day long. Squeeze out a little and dab it on your eyelid and under your eye. 

Step 2 - Apply a base colour  

Yep, there is still one more step before you can get to your floating eyeliner. Apply a base colour all over your eyelid. Your best bet is to take a light and neutral shade so that the attention stays on your eyeliner. We’d suggest one of the warm pastel shades from Lakme Absolute Infinity Palette - Coral Sunset. It is highly pigmented so that it is visible on all skin types and has a creamy texture so that you don’t have to tug your lids to apply it smoothly. 

Step 3 - Find your crease 

Now, let’s get to the fun part. First, draw on your usual eyeliner on your lash line. Use the Lakme 9 to 5 Black Impact Liner as it has a long handle and easy grip for smooth application. It is also waterproof and fast-drying so that you don’t have to worry about smudging your look or sweating it off.  

Next, keep your chin up, but look down into your mirror so you have a clear view of your eye socket. Lightly trace the outline of the socket with a liner. And that’s how you find and draw on your crease. 

Step 4 - Don’t forget your under-eye makeup 

While this is an optional step, you can add a little more drama to your look by applying eyeliner under your eye as well. Draw on a thin line near your lower lash line and also fill in the waterline. You can blend the liner under your eye with a brush for a softer and smudged-up look. 

Step 5 - Finish with mascara  

Finish your look by coating on some mascara. Generously apply the waterproof Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara. It is also smudge-proof and light so that you don’t have to worry about messing with your eyeshadow while applying it. It even has a smart curling brush that naturally curls your lashes and adds some extra definition to your eyes. 

FAQs on floating eyeliner 

Do I have to add eyeshadow with the floating look? 

Adding eyeshadow is completely optional. If you are out of time or want a minimalist look, you can skip on the eyeshadow or apply a nude shade. Otherwise, you can go ahead with your favourite eyeshadow or even create a smokey eye before drawing on the floating lines. 

What eyeliner is the best for hooded lids? 

If you have monolids or hooded lids you know that a simple, thin line will just disappear the moment you open your eyes. The floating liner is drawn on top of your eye socket which is visible even when you open your hooded eyes. 

What do I need for the floating liner look? 

Your trusty eyeliner is a must to draw on the floating liners and wings. Applying eyeshadow is optional. You can either go all out with a smokey or dark look or keep it subtle by applying a nude shade before the eyeliner.  

Now, elevate your everyday look or stand out at the party with this floating eyeliner look. And the best part is that you can wear it in any which way that you want. Want to add one more random line, no one is stopping you! Don’t want to create a wing? You do you, boo.