An Eyeshadow Hack To Help You Get The Cut Crease Right In Just One Try!

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
An eyeshadow hack to help you get the cut crease right in just one try!

If you’ve tried the cut crease eye makeup look, you’ll relate to this. You start drawing the cut crease in the hope that it will make your eyes look defined and gorgeous, but you mess it up by blending it all and have to start over!

Nailing a super-defined cut crease isn’t child’s play. It doesn’t always happen effortlessly and practising it a couple of times seems to be the only option to get it right. Luckily, we’ve tracked down a fool-proof hack to get the cut crease eyeshadow look right in just one try, even if you are a makeup newbie. All you need is a spoon. Don’t be surprised just yet. Wait till you see how easily you can nail the perfect cut crease using a spoon.

cut crease eyeshadow hack

The Hack

Start with priming your lids. Apply a neutral shade on your entire lid. It will make the eyeshadow colour and your cut crease pop. Place a spoon on your upper lid, so the curve of the spoon hugs your eye lid and the edge of the spoon is aligned with the crease. Now take a dark eyeshadow hue like a brown or burgundy and outline the crease using the spoon as a stencil. Blend this colour till the brow bone. Remove the spoon and ta-da! You’ve nailed the cut-crease look like a pro.

Paint the centre lid with any colour you want but make sure you don’t merge the crease line. If you do disturb the crease, place the spoon again and buff in the same colour once again. Finish the look with mascara and a nice winged liner.

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