If you are a fan of cool, hip and super contemporary eye makeup looks, then you are surely going to fall in love with the latest trend – lemon eyeshadow. As the name suggests, this eye makeup look involves creating a slice of lemon on your eyes. Yes, really!

As strange as it sounds, lemon eyeshadow looks have been creating waves on the ‘gram with several beauty influencers trying this really fun and summery makeup look . Itching to give this look a try? Lucky for you, we’ve got a step-by-step guide that will help you nail this summery look in no time. Excited? Let’s begin.

lemon eyeshadow trend

Image courtesy: @elpltt

Step 01: Since this makeup look requires you to apply really bright pigments, it is important that you start by applying a thin coat of primer. This will help the eyeshadows pop as well as make them stay put all day long.

Step 02: Apply a warm toned or a darker shade of yellow on the crease using a big fluffy brush. This will act like the transition shade and give your eye makeup a lot more depth.

Step 03: It is now time to create a cut crease. To do so, take a bit of concealer on an angled eyeshadow brush and sculpt your crease from the inner corner all the way to the outer corner. You can even use a white eye pencil to draw the crease. For hooded eyes, draw this crease slightly above your natural crease so that your eye makeup is properly visible.

Step 04: Next, pack on some bright yellow colour all over your lid. Depending on the pigment of the eyeshadow you are using, you may have to apply a few coats before you get the perfect lemony shade you’re looking for.

Step 05: Using white eyeliner, draw the details of the wedges of the lemon on the yellow colour. Remember to use a thin eyeliner brush for precision. Start with creating a centre line connecting the half-moon of the crease. Lastly, create two more lines on each side of the eye to finish this look. Voila, the super simple and summery lemon eyeshadow look is ready to be flaunted. Would you dare to recreate it?

Main image courtesy: @mellymelz182