Instagram is the best place to spot trends and right now it’s raining rainbows on our feeds! Fun fact: We are obsessed with bright and bold shades in makeup. So when we saw the rainbow eye makeup trend, we couldn’t stop staring. And nor will you once you see it because it looks so beautiful and perfect!

Now we know you love experimenting with makeup as much as we do, so without wasting a minute, we sat down to decode this makeup trend for you. Want to learn how to recreate the rainbow eyeshadow look? Read on…


How to

How to

Step 1: Pick bright, pigmented and eye-catching colours from your eyeshadow palette to create this look. You will need a total of 5 shades, one common and two different for each eyelid.

Step 2: Start from the inner corner of your eye and blend outwards. First apply yellow eyeshadow close to your tear duct, inner corner and lower lash line and extend it up to the start of your pupil. Do this for both eyes.

Step 3: Pick the next shade that is blue and blend it into the centre, right where the yellow shade ends. Dab some right below the waterline too.

Step 4: Now pick the indigo shade and apply it to the outer corner of your eyelid extending it all the way up to your brows. Dab some below the waterline and blend upwards.

Step 5: Using two other shades repeat step 3 and 4 on the other eyelid to complete the look.

Step 6: Finish off with a thin layer of eyeliner to make it look edgy.