An Expert-Approved Guide On How To Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly Each Time

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Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
An expert-approved guide on how to apply eyeshadow perfectly each time

When it comes to makeup application skills, being able to apply eyeshadow, layer multiple shades and blend them all together perfectly, is a whole different level unlocked. Not only is the sheer number of shades, textures and finishes difficult to comprehend, especially for a beginner, but the whole idea of using everything together to make something look like a piece of art is intimidating, to say the least.

If you resonate with these thoughts and have managed to steer clear from exploring the full potential of a single eyeshadow palette, then you’re going to love what we have in store for you today. Also, maybe because we know exactly how a well-created eye makeup look can impact your overall outfit, we knew we had to do something to help you guys. Read on for a complete guide on how to apply eyeshadow correctly, so that your eye makeup is spot on, always. But that’s not all! We also decided to rope in Bhavya Arora, a well-known celebrity makeup artist, to give you her expert inputs, while we were at it. Exciting, isn’t it?


Things you will need for eyeshadow makeup

FAQs about eyeshadow

After completing your skincare routine (which must include an eye cream FYI), start with your eye makeup first. This is because cleaning up any fall out will be a lot easier on a bare face than after you’ve finished your base. But before we find out how to apply eyeshadow, it is important to find out the basic products that every girl needs to create a complete eye makeup look according to Bhavya –

  • Intense kajal/ kohl pencil
  • A brown kajal pencil
  • A couple of metallic shadows that can be used during day and night
  • Matte brown eyeshadow
  • Brow gel and brow filler
  • Most importantly - a good mascara!

Armed with this knowledge, let’s see how to apply eyeshadow correctly!


Step 1: Primer

FAQs about eyeshadow

The first step for a seamless and perfect eye makeup look is a primer, especially if you have oily lids. This will keep your makeup in place for a lot longer. But while an eye primer is important, you can do without it, assures Bhavya. “It depends on what kind of skin and lids you have. I usually put the corrector and/or concealer and then dab some powder and go back with an eye shadow. You can use a primer if you have oily lids and you want your shadow to last longer.”


Step 2: Put on a base

FAQs about eyeshadow

Take a neutral eyeshadow colour in brown or beige. Keep it as close to your skin colour as possible. Now apply this neutral eyeshadow all over your eyes using a fluffy brush. This will act as a base and allow the following eyeshadow colours to pop.


Step 3: Deepen the crease

FAQs about eyeshadow

Now it is time to deepen the crease by applying a transitional eyeshadow shade. This shade should be darker than your natural skin tone if you are going for a more natural daytime look. But if you are going for colorful eye makeup or a dark smokey eye, then it should be the darkest shade from the colour family you are choosing. Take this shade and apply it to your crease with a fluffy blending brush and don’t overdo it. Bhavya further explains, “A transition shade is simply a shade that helps you transition from one eye shadow colour to another. It helps you create depth in your eye makeup and makes sure that the shadows blend well and not look patchy. Mostly these are matte shades and you must pick one closer to your skin tone.”


Step 4: Apply a little colour

FAQs about eyeshadow

Now that your crease is defined, it is time to add some colour to your lashes. Take a slightly darker colour and apply it to the outer corners of your eyes. Take the same colour and apply it to the outer 2/3rd of your lower lid as well. This will define the eyes and make your eye makeup look more complete. If you are wondering how to choose a colour, then Bhavya is here to help, “Indian skin tone is beautiful for most types of eye makeup trends. So, most metallic colours like golds, rose golds and bronzes work really well. Dark browns and blacks for smokey eyes also lend well to Indian skin. At the same time brick and peach eye colours look great too. If you want to go slightly edgy, then bright colours like blue, purple, green and even pinks look really gorgeous!”


Step 5: Pack on some glitter

FAQs about eyeshadow

Next, it is time to take a slightly shimmery colour (you can replace this with any lighter eyeshadow, in case you don’t want glitter) and apply it from the centre of your lid to the inner corner. Blend both the eyeshadows properly to eliminate any harsh lines.


Step 6: Inner corner highlight

FAQs about eyeshadow

Take really light or nude golden shimmery eye shadow and apply a little to the inner eye corner and blend it out. This will make your eyes look bright and big. Follow these steps to get the perfect eye makeup look every time. After finishing Step 5, apply some eyeliner on your upper lid and a bit of kajal to your lower lash line. Define your eyelashes by curling them and adding a few coats of mascara. You can even throw in a pair of false lashes for a more dramatic, glam look.


Bhavya’s tips on how to create a perfect eye makeup look each time

FAQs about eyeshadow

  1. Always start with deciding on a makeup look in advance, as that will allow you to control the intensity of each shadow you’ll be using. For example, if it’s a smokey or dark eye look, then you should decide how much are you going for, so as to not make it look too stark once it’s done.
  2. Try to do both your eyes simultaneously and not finish one and then start with another. This will make sure both eyes look balanced and you get an idea of the whole look so you know when to stop.
  3. Another tip is that If you don’t have a steady hand with liners, then go with pencils and smudge them for a diffused look. I also tell people to practice their eye makeup beforehand and not on the day they have to go out. This will give you more confidence to pull off the look you’ve decided to do.


FAQs about eyeshadow

FAQs about eyeshadow

Q. How to prevent eyeshadow from creasing?

A. Bhavya Arora says, “Blend all you can. I blend my eyeshadow a lot, which gives them a smooth finish. Start with an eye primer and seal it with powder and then apply your shadow. If you know your eyeshadow creases, then after a while, just go over it with your little finger very lightly. This will just remove creases if any.”

Q. What eye makeup trends are expected to be huge in 2021?

A. “I feel 2021 will be about minimalistic dewy makeup, so one can expect clean eyes with slight metallic shadows or a few peachy shades going on the lids. Lots of browns as liners and Kajal. We would also be seeing a lot of cream eye shadows, which are easy to use,” says Bhavya.

Q. How to make your eyeshadow pop each time?

A. This is a question a lot of girls have and Bhavya is here to answer this once and for all. She says, “If you want to make your eyeshadow pop then keep your lips light/nude. You can add a dash of pigment in the centre of your eyelid to give it that metallic pop. For eyes that stand out, build layers instead of just using one colour. To intensify the colour, you can blend a pencil of a certain colour and then go back with a similar eye shadow for the colour to stand out. Also, make sure your under eye is well-concealed if you want your eye makeup to pop.”

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